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Corporate name: Shandong Hengbang Smelting Co., Ltd. Company type: Business unit ()
Location: Shandong/Yantai City company size: 5000-10000人
registered capital: Not filled Registered year: 1994
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Bond: Paid 0.00 yuan
Business scope: Gold, silver smelting, electrolytic copper, sulfuric acid, sulfur dioxide, (oxygen, argon, nitrogen) liquefaction, mining equipment sales, etc.
Products on sale: Gold, silver, electrolytic copper, electrolytic lead, sulfuric acid
Products purchased: Gold concentrate powder (gold ore), silver concentrate powder, copper concentrate powder, lead concentrate powder, blister copper, anode plate and antimony ore
Main industry:
Manufacturer Of Mineral Drugs / Supplier Of Mineral Drugs Manufacturer Of Mineral Drugs / Chemical Suppliers Manufacturer Of Mineral Drugs / Other Pharmaceutical Suppliers
Manufacturer Of Mine Equipment / Other Equipment Manufacturers