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Corporate name: Xi'an Tianren Mining Information Technology Co., Ltd. Company type: 企业单位 (Trader)
Location: Shaanxi/Xi'an City company size: 100-499人
registered capital: 1000ten thousand人民币 Registered year: 2015
Data authentication:        Enterprise Data Pass Authentication
Bond: Paid 0.00 yuan
management model: Trader
Business scope: A comprehensive resource platform that provides information, technology, communication, trading and finance to the mining industry.
Products on sale: 技术服务|网络推广|会员商铺|网络广告|行情报价|矿企建站|设备药剂交易|矿权交易|矿产品交易
Products purchased: 与矿业相关企业的全方面合作
Main industry:
Industry Website Periodicals / Industry Website Mining Trading Company / Mineral Products Trading Company Mining Trading Company / Equipment And Instruments Traders
Mining Trading Company / Traders Of Mineral Medicines Mining Trading Company / Traders Of Chemical Products Mining Technology Service Provider / Other Technical Service Providers