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  • Zhu Hengbin Engaged in desig..
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    Zhu Hengbin, a senior engineer from Weinan, Shaanxi; graduated from the Department of Geological Explora.. Detailed
  • Wei Qirong Engaged in petro..
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    Wei Qirong, borrowed from Hubei. Communist Party members, professors, doctors, postdocs. He graduated fr.. Detailed
  • Song Guoliang Engaged in geolo..
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    Song Guoliang, senior engineer; graduated from the original Changchun Institute of Geology in 1965, majo.. Detailed
  • Cui Bingkui Geological prosp..
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    Cui Bingkui, member of the Communist Party of China, graduated from the Geological Prospecting Institute.. Detailed
  • Cui Maopei Geological prosp..
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    In 1981, he graduated from the Guilin Institute of Geology, majoring in metallogenic geochemistry explor.. Detailed
  • Songkai Geological work,..
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    Song Kai, male, Han nationality, born in November 1966. Birthplace: Fujian. Senior engineer in geology. .. Detailed
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  • XieLianku Mainly engaged i..
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    Jie Lianku, deputy director of the Institute of Mining Engineering Research and Design, Beijing Research.. Detailed
  • Hu Jian mining
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    1989--End July 1989 February 1992 Li Jinfang, a mining crew of Baoshan Hangkou Mining Group, Dangping Tu.. Detailed
  • Gao Wende Mine engineering..
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    The serial number is a brief introduction. From October 1989 to July 1993, he obtained a bachelor's degr.. Detailed
  • Tan Qiaoding Mineral processi..
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    1975-1977, Department of Transient and Power Engineering, Shanghai Jiaotong University, 1978-1984, Engin.. Detailed
  • Jiang Enze Mineral processi..
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    Jiang Enze, male, born in 1939, Jilin, graduated from university, majoring in mineral processing. 1958.7.. Detailed
  • Ma Sixue Mining Departmen..
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    Ma Sixue, male, born in November 1935, studied mining in the mining department of the former Beijing Min.. Detailed
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  • Wang Yujing Dressing
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  • Yang Yunzhong Design and appli..
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    Name Yang Yunzhong Gender Male birth year 1955.01 Birthplace in Shaanxi Fuyang title mineralization seni.. Detailed
  • Chen Minghui Non-ferrous meta..
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    Chen Minghui male|31 years of industry work experience|January 1965|Currently living in Jiangxi Zhangzho.. Detailed
  • Wang Huajun Mineral resource..
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    Wang Huajun is a professor at the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Science a.. Detailed
  • Tong Xiong Efficient develo..
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    Tong Xiong, professor, Ph.D., the national 100 million talent project winners, the country has outstandi.. Detailed
  • Ni Wen Mineral material..
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    Ni Wen, male, doctor, professor, doctoral tutor. In July 1982, he graduated from the Central South Insti.. Detailed
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  • Bu Weimin Gold smelting, m..
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    He graduated from the Central South Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (now known as Central South Unive.. Detailed
  • Zhang Jian Prepare metallur..
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    Zhang Jian used to name Zhang Yuwen. Born on July 1, 1936, Ren'an Village, Zhengjia Town, Xunyi County. .. Detailed
  • Wang Shoude Selection, desig..
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    Wang Shoude, Chengcheng, Shaanxi; graduated from Xi'an Institute of Metallurgy and Architecture in 1966 .. Detailed
  • Dai Yongnian Engaged in the v..
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    Dai Yongnian, Tonghai, Yunnan, graduated from the Mining and Metallurgy Department of Yunnan University .. Detailed
  • Peng Jishi Non-ferrous meta..
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    Peng Jishi, male, born in September 1938, member of the Communist Party of China, professor. Graduated f.. Detailed
  • Li Yingsheng metallurgy
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    Li Yingsheng, associate professor of Heze City, Shandong Province; graduated from the Department of Nonf.. Detailed
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  • Chen Yangli Chemical test; r..
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    In 1975, he worked in the First Hydrological Team of the Provincial Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resour.. Detailed
  • Yan Wenbin Engaged in the d..
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    Yan Wenbin, male, born in 1965, Shaodong County, Hunan Province, Han nationality, master, professor, mas.. Detailed
  • Zhang Rongrui Chemical and phy..
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    In September 1958, he entered the Department of Modern Chemistry of the University of Science and Techno.. Detailed
  • Wang Shengzhang Engaged in atomi..
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    Wang Shengzhang, senior engineer; graduated from the Department of Chemistry of Lanzhou University in 19.. Detailed
  • Wang Cunzhi Geological survey
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    In 1961, he graduated from the former Chengdu Institute of Geology. In the same year, he was assigned to.. Detailed
  • Zhang Guiying Engaged in chemi..
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    Zhang Guiying, senior engineer; graduated from Xi'an Institute of Geology, majoring in petrochemical ana.. Detailed
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  • Li Youcang Mineral Resource..
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    Li Youcang's personal resume Li Youcang: Male, born in March 1969, aged 49, graduated from the Departmen.. Detailed
  • Shen Sheng The field of min..
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    Mining professional lawyer, invited researcher of China University of Political Science and Law, Land an.. Detailed
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  • Li Tianen Mining, investme..
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    Li Tianen graduated from Northeastern University with a major in mineral processing engineering and majo.. Detailed
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  • Zhu Hengbin
    Senior engineer
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    Zhu Hengbin, a senior engineer from Weinan, Shaanxi; graduated from the Department of Geological Explora.. Detailed
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    Yin Wanzhong
    Yin Wanzhong
    Yin Wanzhong, male, professor at Northeastern University and Fuzhou University, doct..
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    Lin Qingyong
    Tianzhou Mining Mineral Processing Experts, Technical Consultant Cultural Level: Und..
    Zheng Guangyu
    Zheng Guangyu
    Zheng Guangxuan, graduate student of the Department of Colors and Minerals, Northeas..
    Shen Sheng
    Shen Sheng
    Mining professional lawyer, invited researcher of China University of Political Scie..
    Li Xinhua
    Li Xinhua
    Li Xinhua, a native of Hu County, Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, was a member of the Jiu S..
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