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Yin Wanzhong
Yin Wanzhong
Yin Wanzhong, male, professor at Northeastern University and Fuzhou University, doct..
Lin Qingyong
Lin Qingyong
Tianzhou Mining Mineral Processing Experts, Technical Consultant Cultural Level: Und..
Zheng Guangyu
Zheng Guangyu
Zheng Guangxuan, graduate student of the Department of Colors and Minerals, Northeas..
Shen Sheng
Shen Sheng
Mining professional lawyer, invited researcher of China University of Political Scie..
Li Xinhua
Li Xinhua
Li Xinhua, a native of Hu County, Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, was a member of the Jiu S..
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  • Yang Yunzhong Design and application of gold-bearing oxidized ore heap..
  • Name Yang Yunzhong Gender Male birth year 1955.01 Birthplace in Shaanxi Fuyang title mineralization senior engineer National Han graduate school Northwestern University Professional Inorganic Te.. 详 细
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  • Chen Minghui Non-ferrous metals, mineral processing, production techn..
  • Chen Minghui male|31 years of industry work experience|January 1965|Currently living in Jiangxi Zhangzhou|Bachelor | Hukou Jiangxi-Zhangzhou work experience 2014.112017.12 in Yifeng County, Jian.. 详 细
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  • Wang Huajun Mineral resource processing, industrial solid waste reso..
  • Wang Huajun is a professor at the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Science and Technology Beijing. Mainly engaged in mineral resource processing, industrial solid was.. 详 细
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  • Tong Xiong Efficient development and utilization of non-ferrous met..
  • Tong Xiong, professor, Ph.D., the national 100 million talent project winners, the country has outstanding contributions to young and middle-aged experts, enjoy the special allowance of the Stat.. 详 细
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  • Ni Wen Mineral materials, insulation refractories and solid was..
  • Ni Wen, male, doctor, professor, doctoral tutor. In July 1982, he graduated from the Central South Institute of Mining and Metallurgy with a bachelor's degree in mineral census and exploration. .. 详 细
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  • 魏德洲 资源与环境微生物技术、矿物加工理论与工艺
  • 魏德洲,1956年10月生,博士,教授,博士生导师。现任东北大学资源与土木工程学院院长。教育部地矿学科本科生教学指导委员会矿物 详 细
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  • 马少健 粉体工程,矿物材料,矿山环境保护,氰化浸金。
  • 马少健,博士,教授,博士生导师,广西大学副校长。1986年9月到1995年3月就读东北大学,分别获学士和工学博士学位。 1995年3月~ 详 细
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  • 刘小鹤 层状结构材料、无机功能材料、纳米能源材料、新型矿物材料
  • 刘小鹤,男,1972年9月生,博士,教授,中南大学升华学者计划特聘教授。 工作经历2002年留中南大学资源生物学院工作,2005年博士 详 细
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  • 韩跃新 复杂难选矿产资源的高效开发与利用、高性能矿物材料的制备
  • 韩跃新,现任东北大学资源与土木学院执行院长、矿物加工学科教授、博士生导师、第六届中国金属学会选矿分会副主任、中国矿业联合 详 细
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