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Yin Wanzhong
Yin Wanzhong
Yin Wanzhong, male, professor at Northeastern University and Fuzhou University, doct..
Lin Qingyong
Lin Qingyong
Tianzhou Mining Mineral Processing Experts, Technical Consultant Cultural Level: Und..
Zheng Guangyu
Zheng Guangyu
Zheng Guangxuan, graduate student of the Department of Colors and Minerals, Northeas..
Shen Sheng
Shen Sheng
Mining professional lawyer, invited researcher of China University of Political Scie..
Li Xinhua
Li Xinhua
Li Xinhua, a native of Hu County, Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, was a member of the Jiu S..
  • Chen Yangli Chemical test; reagent preparation; water quality analysis
  • In 1975, he worked in the First Hydrological Team of the Provincial Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources; in 1978, he went to school in Xi'an Geology School; in 1978, 2002, the Xi'an Testing .. 详 细
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  • Yan Wenbin Engaged in the development and utilization of mineral re..
  • Yan Wenbin, male, born in 1965, Shaodong County, Hunan Province, Han nationality, master, professor, master tutor. Member of the Chinese Chemical Society, the 9th executive director of the Hunan.. 详 细
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  • Zhang Rongrui Chemical and physical analysis of uranium mines
  • In September 1958, he entered the Department of Modern Chemistry of the University of Science and Technology of China, and studied in radiation chemistry for five years. He graduated in July 196.. 详 细
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  • Wang Shengzhang Engaged in atomic spectroscopy analysis.
  • Wang Shengzhang, senior engineer; graduated from the Department of Chemistry of Lanzhou University in 1959. He has worked in the Northwest Institute of Nonferrous Metals for a long time. He has .. 详 细
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  • Wang Cunzhi Geological survey
  • In 1961, he graduated from the former Chengdu Institute of Geology. In the same year, he was assigned to the Xi'an Testing Center of the Shaanxi Provincial Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resource.. 详 细
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  • Zhang Guiying Engaged in chemical analysis of rock minerals.
  • Zhang Guiying, senior engineer; graduated from Xi'an Institute of Geology, majoring in petrochemical analysis, successively worked at Xi'an Testing Center of Xi'an Bureau of Geology and Mineral .. 详 细
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  • 谷忠祥 地质及化探样品的化学分析,球化学样品原子发射光谱
  • 谷忠祥,教授级高级工程师;1965年毕业于中国科技大学,工作后一直从事分析测试工作,曾任冶金地质西北光谱分析站主任、西北有色 详 细
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