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Yin Wanzhong
Yin Wanzhong
Yin Wanzhong, male, professor at Northeastern University and Fuzhou University, doct..
Lin Qingyong
Lin Qingyong
Tianzhou Mining Mineral Processing Experts, Technical Consultant Cultural Level: Und..
Zheng Guangyu
Zheng Guangyu
Zheng Guangxuan, graduate student of the Department of Colors and Minerals, Northeas..
Shen Sheng
Shen Sheng
Mining professional lawyer, invited researcher of China University of Political Scie..
Li Xinhua
Li Xinhua
Li Xinhua, a native of Hu County, Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, was a member of the Jiu S..
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  • Yang Yunzhong Design and application of gold-bearing oxidized ore heap..
  • Name Yang Yunzhong Gender Male birth year 1955.01 Birthplace in Shaanxi Fuyang title mineralization senior engineer National Han graduate school Northwestern University Professional Inorganic Te.. 详 细
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  • Li Youcang Mineral Resources Consulting Expert of Shaanxi Provincia..
  • Li Youcang's personal resume Li Youcang: Male, born in March 1969, aged 49, graduated from the Department of Geology, Shenyang Golden College, Northeastern Polytechnical University in 1992. Obta.. 详 细
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  • Chen Minghui Non-ferrous metals, mineral processing, production techn..
  • Chen Minghui male|31 years of industry work experience|January 1965|Currently living in Jiangxi Zhangzhou|Bachelor | Hukou Jiangxi-Zhangzhou work experience 2014.112017.12 in Yifeng County, Jian.. 详 细
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  • Zhu Hengbin Engaged in design geology, technical management, and int..
  • Zhu Hengbin, a senior engineer from Weinan, Shaanxi; graduated from the Department of Geological Exploration of Zhongnan Mining Institute in 1966. Has been in the Zhongnan Manganese Mine Company.. 详 细
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  • Wei Qirong Engaged in petrology, geochemistry, mineral deposits, mi..
  • Wei Qirong, borrowed from Hubei. Communist Party members, professors, doctors, postdocs. He graduated from the Department of Geology, Wuhan Institute of Geology in June 1986 with a Bachelor of S.. 详 细
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  • Song Guoliang Engaged in geological mapping, mine review price, geoche..
  • Song Guoliang, senior engineer; graduated from the original Changchun Institute of Geology in 1965, majoring in the mining of rare metals and dispersing elements. In August 1965, it was assigned.. 详 细
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  • Cui Bingkui Geological prospecting
  • Cui Bingkui, member of the Communist Party of China, graduated from the Geological Prospecting Institute of Chengdu Institute of Geology, working as a senior engineer in geology and mineral reso.. 详 细
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  • Cui Maopei Geological prospecting
  • In 1981, he graduated from the Guilin Institute of Geology, majoring in metallogenic geochemistry exploration; in 1987, he graduated from the Chengdu Institute of Geology, majoring in geology an.. 详 细
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  • Songkai Geological work, mine management
  • Song Kai, male, Han nationality, born in November 1966. Birthplace: Fujian. Senior engineer in geology. I. September 1985, July 1989: At the Central South University of Technology (now the prede.. 详 细
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