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Purchase of Metal Mines by a Company

矿权类型: Mining rights
平均品位: 5 g / ton or more
矿区面积: Unlimited
主要矿种: Gold, Lead, Zinc, Copper and Iron
所在地: Nationwide
有效期至: 长期有效
最后更新: 2019-04-29 17:19
浏览次数: 4946
A company intends to acquire a large amount of metal mines with large reserves and considerable reserves in the western region. Polymetallic mines are also available, and cooperation or overall transfer can be done.
It requires 20 tons of gold ore, grade 5g/ton or more, 6 grades of lead and zinc, 400,000 tons of controlled reserves, 1.5 grades of copper ore, 400,000 tons of reserves, and polymetallic ore can be appropriately relaxed.
The iron ore is 50 million tons, the grade is above 35, and the altitude cannot exceed 3,500 meters. The area is not limited.
Do not disturb the three districts, the documents are not disturbed.

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