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A gold mine in Xinjiang seeks cooperation with mining construction team

矿权类型: Mining rights
平均品位: 3-4 g / ton
矿区面积: 7.9 square kilometers
主要矿种: Gold and copper
资源储量: The amount of copper ore is 2,250,400 tons, and the amount of copper metal is 20170.25 tons.
所在地: XinjiangHami area
有效期至: 长期有效
最后更新: 2019-04-29 17:17
浏览次数: 1195
  First, the mine introduction

The mine is located in the Hami area with roads leading to the mining area and convenient transportation.

It is a mining right with an area of nearly 8 square kilometers. The mining rights area is divided into five mining areas according to the mining system. Surface steel structure derricks, lifting machine rooms, power distribution rooms, gas stations, offices, and dormitories have been put into use.



In June 2011 and June 2012, the “Exploration Report” and “Supplemental Exploration Report” were submitted twice, and they have all passed the review and filing of the Autonomous Region Land and Resources Department.

In the past three years, more than 13,000 meters of drilling work has been invested, and the amount of pit exploration work has exceeded 4,000 meters. In the No. 3 mining area, the east-west direction is 640 meters, and the north-south direction is within 200 meters (0.128 square kilometers). The amount of copper ore has been found to be 2,250,400 tons, and the amount of copper metal is 20170.25 tons. The ore body circle is not closed in the direction of extension and extension, and the exploration in the peripheral and depth directions can be greatly increased. At present, in the middle section of the No. 3 mining area, the middle section of the 4, 5, and 6 tunnels, the average grade gold is 3-4 g/ton and copper is 1%. The ore body controlled by the tunnel reveals a higher degree of target ore body than the borehole exposure control, the thickness becomes larger, the grade becomes higher, and the reserves are changing.

Shaft mining in No. 3 mining area is currently the main project of mining production, which fully meets the needs of the ore processing plant to produce and process minerals. The mine production management is complete and stable, and it is currently a gold mining enterprise with production.



Second, the concentrator

A 600-ton ore concentrating plant has been built, and the ore dressing recovery rate can reach over 90%. It is equipped with a tailings pond with a total dam height of 15.8 meters and a total storage capacity of 999,400 cubic meters, which fully meets the needs of beneficiation tailings storage. The environmental impact report of the ore dressing plant and tailings pond project has been approved by the Environmental Protection Department of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. The quality inspection laboratory has been completed, mainly including laboratory measurement equipment, which can carry out the measurement of raw ore and concentrate ore, which can meet the analysis of gold and copper elements in geological samples and production samples. The investment has built a two-line water supply pipeline, and the water supply capacity meets the production needs of the concentrator.



Third, auxiliary facilities

Transmission line: There are high-voltage and low-voltage transmission lines leading to the concentrator, the second mining area and the third mining area. The power supply is normal and meets the needs of production and life.

Mining roads: The simple roads in the mining areas of the mining area are connected and connected to the external roads.

Office and living facilities: There are color steel structure houses for office, accommodation, dining and storage in the administrative area, the ore dressing plant, the second mining area and the third mining area.

Communication: China Mobile, China Unicom network coverage of the main areas in the mining area, and smooth communication.

Vehicles: There are mainly transfer machines, mining vehicles, and living vehicles.

Explosives Library: A 10 ton explosives warehouse is built.

Fourth, product and sales

The company's main products are copper powder and gold powder. The sales method is directly hoisted and loaded on the finished product workshop of the concentrator, and the factory is overweight and tested. The sales terminal is a fixed-point copper and gold smelter that signs an annual supply contract.



V. Construction and development plan

(1) Technical renovation and expansion plan

1. Mining system

The three mining areas form a new shaft development system with a capacity of 1,300 tons of next day mining. The shaft development projects mainly include: excavation of the wellbore of the bucket, the excavation of the wellbore of the cage, the wind well, the chute, the mine silo, the excavation of the dock gates, the yard, the water tank, the diverticulum in each middle section, and the transportation lanes in the middle section , patio, mining and other excavation projects; 箕doujing, tank cage wellbore installation engineering; underground mining, excavation, loading, mining, lifting, ventilation, gas, water supply and drainage, power supply, signal, monitoring and other equipment purchase and installation , "Six major systems" construction and safety engineering and equipment related to safety facilities.

2. Mineral processing system

On the basis of the existing concentrating plant, replace the large equipment, replace one cone crusher in the crushing workshop, replace one spiral classifier in the grinding workshop, increase the flotation tank 10 slots in the flotation workshop, and increase the pressure filter in the dewatering filter press workshop. A group of machines, as well as adjustment of process pipelines, power distribution lines, and equipment. After the completion of the expansion and expansion, it will definitely increase production efficiency, greatly reduce the overall cost, and show the good benefits of large-scale production. The daily production scale of the concentrator will increase from the original 600 tons to 1,000 tons the next day, and the annual production scale will increase from the original 180,000 tons to 300,000 tons. The tailings pond does not need to be built or expanded to meet the tailing needs. Production and management personnel do not need to increase. Industrial water and power supply meet the needs of mineral processing.

(II) based on the above technical transformation and expansion, the company increased its investment in mine development and construction and mine exploration. The construction and development of the mine is mainly carried out in the following four aspects:

1. Expand the mining volume of the mine, and increase the amount of ore mining in the shaft to 1300 tons/day.

2. The beneficiation production workshop will be expanded to a comprehensive flotation workshop with a production scale of 1,000 tons/day to comprehensively recover mineral resources such as gold and copper.

3. Accelerate the pace of exploration work, increase exploration investment in mining areas, conduct comprehensive research on various geological survey data, find out the gold and copper resources of mines, and provide geological survey reports.

4. Strengthen the standardization construction of the mine, and strive to build the mine into a green mine with environmental friendliness, resource conservation, safety and civilization, energy saving and high efficiency, and operation.

Six, project advantages

The location of the project is flat and convenient. The government departments gave strong support to the gold mine project, and the local Kazakh people lived in harmony. The company's management team is stable, infrastructure investment is in place, water supply, power supply, roads, communications, office areas, living areas, concentrators, shafts, etc. are readily available. The mining area is large (nearly 8 square kilometers), and the prospects for mineral resources in the territory are good. The main production is gold and copper. In the process of development and construction and continuous geological exploration in recent years, the company has a new understanding of the gold mine, and believes that the mine has not only a good prospect of gold resource reserves, but also a porphyry copper-gold mine. It indicates that the comprehensive development and utilization value of copper and gold has great potential and has good resource prospects.

At present, it is a mine construction and development investment and exploration investment, with a large investment amount and tight funds. The project can be operated by means of equity transfer, counterparty holding, cooperative development, etc., in order to enhance the financial strength, and build the mine into a production scale of 300,000 tons/year of copper, gold and other resources for comprehensive utilization, significant economic benefits, mine safety and environmental protection. Standardized construction of green mines that meet the standards.

We are sincerely looking for mining units with capital and technical strength to jointly develop, and Tianzhou Mining is responsible for mineral processing, and hopes to establish long-term strategic cooperation.

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