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A state-owned enterprise purchases high-quality prospecting (mining) rights and mining enterprises w

矿权类型: Prospecting right
平均品位: 2-30
矿区面积: 0.5-100
所在地: ShaanxiXi'an City
有效期至: 长期有效
最后更新: 2019-04-29 17:20
浏览次数: 2306
I. Company Profile

The company is a geological comprehensive enterprise integrating geological exploration, mineral development, hydraulic ring investigation, environmental engineering construction, deep processing of mineral products and trade of mineral products. It has advanced technology in geological prospecting and mineral product development. Strong strength.
Second, the principle of cooperation

based on the principle of “risk sharing, benefit sharing, equality and mutual benefit”, our company is willing to join hands with domestic and foreign miners to create a better future. Venture capital: a certain amount of exploration investment can be made before the acquisition
Third, the field of cooperation and methods

1. To undertake solid mineral exploration, regional geological survey, geophysical exploration, liquid mineral exploration, hydraulic ring geological survey and geochemical exploration project in the country with good mineral resources and geological conditions along the “Belt and Road”.

2. Acquire the state-owned high-quality exploration (production) mining rights along the “Belt and Road” or acquire the shares (holding) of high-quality exploration (production) mining rights.

3. Cooperate with the mineral exploration and development of the high-quality exploration (production) mining rights along the “Belt and Road”.

4. Acquisition of countries along the “Belt and Road” with production capacity of mining enterprises or acquisition of mining enterprise shares (holding).

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