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Detailed investigation of an iron and polymetallic mine in Gansu Province

矿权类型: Prospecting right
平均品位: 27.30%
矿区面积: 9.39Square kilometer
主要矿种: iron
资源储量: 11.8 million tons
所在地: Gansu
有效期至: 2019-11-27
最后更新: 2019-04-29 17:24
浏览次数: 536
    (1) The traffic conditions in the exploration area are relatively good. The 45km from the working area can reach the national highway and the railway station. The terrain is flat and there is a convenient road. The mature mine near the mining area has been mined for many years and is still being mined.
    (2) There are 20 magnetite bodies in the whole area, of which Fe20 ore bodies are exposed to the surface, and other ore bodies are concealed ore.
           The main ore body of the mining area is Fe1, the strike length is 700m, and the inclination is 325m. The ore-bearing rock of the ore body is gabbro. The single-layer ore body is thickest at 0 line and the thickness is 20.72m. The ore body is vein-like, bedding. Output, the tendency is 180°, the inclination angle is 25°, the average thickness of the ore body is 4.61m, and the length of the Fe18 is 700m, which tends to extend 186m. The remaining ore body length is about 100-420m and the thickness is 1.04-5.52m. On the 7th line ZK704 The cumulative thickness of the ore body is 48m.
           The region's estimated industrial iron ore resources are 11.8 million tons, and the average TFe grade is 27.50%; among them, 332 industrial iron ore is 3,844,000 tons, and the TFe average grade is 27.30%; 332 industrial iron ore accounts for identification (332) +333) 34% of resources
           Another 334 iron ore resources nearly 7 million tons, TFe average grade 21.54%.
   (3) Continue construction drilling in the 0, 3, 7 and 11 lines of the mining area, increase the degree of mine control and increase the amount of resources, submit 332 resources to account for more than 50% of the identified resources, and then submit a detailed investigation report to bid for mining. right.

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