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Cooperative transfer of a large molybdenum, copper, lead and zinc polymetallic mine in Heilongjiang

矿权类型: Prospecting right
平均品位: Molybdenum 0.096%, copper 0.493%,
矿区面积: 15.23 square kilometers
主要矿种: Molybdenum, Copper, Lead and Zinc
资源储量: The ore volume is more than 100 million tons, and the amount of molybdenum metal is 104,000 tons.
所在地: Heilongjiang
有效期至: 2019-11-28 [已过期]
最后更新: 2019-04-29 11:22
浏览次数: 893
In the northern part of the mining area, the Carboniferous-Lower Permian Baoli Gaomiao Formation tuff is exposed, which is the contact surrounding rock of the ore-bearing granodiorite, and is strongly metamorphosed by hydrothermal contact, forming more ore-bearing horned rocks or Mine horn rock. A large area of ​​Permian granite is exposed in the south central part of the mining area. Later, it was invaded by concealed rock mass (mineral granodiorite), and copper and molybdenum ore (chemical) bodies were formed in the vicinity of the contact zone.

Up to now, 289 ore bodies have been discovered in the mining area, including 7 copper-molybdenum ore bodies (including 4 copper-molybdenum industrial ore bodies), 234 molybdenum ore bodies (including 90 industrial ore bodies), and 32 copper ore bodies (including 13 industrial ore bodies, 15 lead-zinc ore bodies (including 8 industrial ore bodies), 1 gold industrial ore body, and 12 gold mineralized bodies.

The ore body group is distributed in the form of veins and lenticular ore bodies of different sizes. The ore body tends to be mostly northwest, tending to the northeast, and the dip angle is 27° to 45°. only the ore body of the No. VIII ore body is northeast, tending to North West, the inclination is 3 to 30 °. There are few ore bodies exposed in the mining area, most of which are concealed ore bodies. Most of the ore bodies are present in the rock mass and the inner and outer contact zones of the strata. The maximum length of the ore body is 1400 meters. The maximum average thickness is 37.29 meters. Control the maximum depth of the ore body (depth) 1110 meters.

The total mining area has accumulated a total of 30,000 tons of ore, and the amount of molybdenum metal is 104,049.51 tons, with an average grade of 0.096×10-2. The amount of copper metal is 60,584.437 tons, and the average grade is 0.493×10-2. The amount of zinc metal is 2322.289 tons, the average grade is 1.618 × 10-2, the amount of lead metal is 1517.261 tons, and the average grade is 1.057×10-2. The associated mineral resources copper is 42587.890 tons, the average grade is 0.101×10-2, the silver is 141593.657 kilograms, the average grade is 1.343×10-6, the sulfur is 789719.605 tons, the average grade is 0.981×10-2, the gallium is 1500.791 tons, the average grade. 14.683×10-6.
     All mining investors are welcome to cooperate and develop. Contact: Pan 13258695858

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