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Cooperative transfer of high-quality and mature gold-lead-zinc mines in Beitun, Xiaoqinling, Shaanxi

矿权类型: Mining rights
平均品位: Au4.18,Pb+Zn3.17%
矿区面积: 0.48
主要矿种: Gold, lead and zinc
资源储量: Recorded ore volume of 901,800 tons
所在地: Shaanxi
有效期至: 2019-12-25 [已过期]
最后更新: 2019-04-29 11:21
浏览次数: 406
 1. The mining area is 57km away from the county seat and the mining area is 2km away from the town. There are easy roads and convenient transportation. The mining area is located on the north slope of Xiaoqinling, belonging to the low-middle mountainous area with an elevation of 1150-1456m. The water source of the mining area is relatively abundant.

2. Expiration date of mineral rights: from January 5, 2018 to January 5, 2021, the mining elevation is from 1500m to 1214m, and the mining area is 0.48 square kilometers. The gold mine and the surrounding mining rights have clear boundaries, no overlap, no dispute, and are not included in the environmental red line.

3. The mine was built in September 1989 and was completed in 1992. Since the normal mining, the accumulated consumption of ore is 210,200 tons, the amount of gold metal is 842 kg, the average gold grade is 4.18×10–6, the lead metal is 5061 tons, the average lead grade is 2.52×10-2, the zinc metal is 4308 tons, and the average zinc is Grade 2.14 × 10–2. The annual mining scale is about 15,000 tons.

According to the production experience over the years, the production and operation indicators are: average mining loss rate of 12%, average depletion rate of 13%; average recovery rate of 88%, currently applied mining methods: for Pingshuo well development, comprehensive mining methods. Using the preferred flotation process, the grade of ore is selected: Au: 2.18g/t, Pb+Zn: 6.84%, the average grade of concentrate powder is Au: 21g/t, Pb+Zn: 40.2%, and the comprehensive recovery rate of ore dressing is 89%.

4, ore body characteristics

The main mining body in the mining area is No. 2, the ore body extends 640 m, the thickness is 2.0-26.5 m, the extension depth is 292-408 m, and the vertical depth is 50-131.44 m. The distribution elevation is generally 1200-1300m and the lowest is 1185.8m. The ore belt is pulsed or lenticular. It is swollen along the direction, narrowed, soothed and wavy, and the phenomenon of branching and compounding is obvious. The structural belt has an overall orientation of 18°, a tendency of 288° and an inclination of 2-36 °. The No. 2 ore belt is a tectonic altered rock belt composed of tectonic altered rock belts, namely, Huangtieyingyingyan, Quartz vein, and Huangtieyuying lithic K-feldspar granite. The central part of the ore belt (ie, in the tectonic altered rock belt) is K-feldspar granite.

The No. 2 ore belt is one of the No. 2 gold-lead-zinc ore bodies (three gold-lead-zinc ore bodies in the 201, 202, and 203 of the detailed investigation and detection), which are bare ore bodies. The ore body is found in the tectonic altered rock in the upper and lower part of the tectonic belt.

No. 2 gold-lead-zinc ore body gold 4.18g/T, lead 1.97%, zinc 1.48%, grade change coefficient gold 88%, lead 104%, zinc 128%. The average thickness of the ore body: No. 2 ore body 1.67m, the variation range is 0.18-11.82m, and the coefficient of variation is 117%.


Section 2 exploration line


5, ore quality characteristics

According to the nature of ore rock, it is divided into yellow iron shale type (69%), yellow iron shale feldspar feldspar granite type (21%), and quartz vein type (10%). The degree of oxidation belongs to the primary ore. The main beneficial components of ore are Au, Pb and Zn, and the beneficial components associated with ore are: Ag, Cu and S. The average grade silver is 15g/T, copper is 0.20%, and sulfur is 3.22%.

According to the nature of the ore, the beneficiation uses a single flotation process to achieve the purpose of recovering gold, lead and zinc by enriching polymetallic sulphides. The recovery rate of mineral processing can reach more than 94%. The tailings gold grade in the closed circuit test is about 0.3g/t. The beneficiation process is simple, technically feasible and economically reasonable.

6. The geological conditions of the mine water ring are simple, there is no water in the roadway, no support is needed, and the waste rock is backfilled into the mining area. Less impact on the ecological environment.

7. The mine currently maintains a record reserve of 332+333 grade ore of 901,800 tons, gold metal of 3.767 tons, and an average gold grade of 4.18g/t. The amount of symbiotic lead-zinc metal was 28.62 million tons. The overall average grade of lead and zinc is 3.17%.

8. The development conditions of the mine are simple, the facilities and equipment of the mining and selection plant are all available, and the tailings storage capacity is sufficient.

Currently the mine seeks equity transfer or full sale. Interested to come to the mine for field visits, contact: Mr. Chen, 15339290999

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