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A Canadian citizen suspected of drug smuggling is sitting on trial this Saturday. Foreign Ministry:

Release date:2018-12-28  source:外交部  author:上海有色*  Browse times:3313
Q: According to Chinese media reports, a Canadian citizen suspected of drug smuggling will be tried this Saturday. The name of the Canadian is said to be Robert Lloyd Schellenberg. Can you confirm the above news? Has China contacted Canada in this regard?

A: I don't know the circumstances of the case. Please understand the competent department. If foreign citizens are involved, it is believed that the relevant Chinese authorities will promptly conduct consular notifications.

Q: Can you confirm that the foreigner who will be tried in court is a Canadian citizen? What is the impact of the current tense diplomatic relationship between China and Canada on the case?

A: I just said that I don't have a specific case. As for the tension between China and Canada, I think everyone knows exactly what the cause is. We have already stated China’s solemn position on many occasions.




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