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Korean related institutions are accelerating the development of technologies related to high-strengt

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Recently, Busan University of Foreign Languages ​​and Xingyu Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. jointly announced that in order to improve the safety performance of electric vehicles and battery energy efficiency, the two companies will jointly develop high-strength lightweight aluminum battery packs, battery pack thermal management systems (BTMS) and air conditioners.

In addition to the above two organizations, the Korea Institute of Production Technology has also participated in related projects. In order to cope with the rapid development of the electric vehicle market, Xingyu Hi-Tech Company plans to complete the development of battery packs and BTMS in the three years before 2021, and Zui finally achieves commercial production.

In electric vehicles, the room temperature control of the battery plays a decisive role in battery life, driving distance and indoor air conditioning performance. In addition, the thermal management of the battery pack plays a crucial role. From this point of view, in order to replace the indoor air conditioning system of existing internal combustion vehicles, it is necessary to develop a brand new BTMS, which will adopt a new type of heat pump and phase change material (PCM).

In the technology development of 2015-2017, Busan University of Foreign Languages ​​developed a high-efficiency heat pump in this core technology through the use of waste heat from the thermal drainage of power stations. At the same time, heat exchangers were developed and PCM was adopted. Effectively store and manage energy. Busan University of Foreign Languages ​​said that the research work belongs to the "Industrial Technology Innovation" project of the Korea Energy Technology evaluation Institute of the Korea Ministry of Commerce and Resources, and plans to continue research until April 2021.

Currently, in order to upgrade this technology to the world's leading technology, the goal of the project in the future is to develop BTMS heat exchangers and air conditioners for electric vehicle battery packs. once the technology is developed successfully, the battery life and heat exchange cycle of the electric vehicle are expected to be extended, and it is expected to increase the durability of the electric vehicle in extremely cold or tropical regions while generating economic benefits. (罗晔)

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