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Tesla sent 40 billion big orders! How will domestic battery/equipment/material companies divide?

Release date:2018-12-29  source:电池中国网  author:上海有色*  Browse times:3104
Since Tesla's construction of a super factory in China, the world's leading electric vehicle manufacturers have attracted much attention from domestic suppliers. Whether it is battery manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, material manufacturers or auto parts manufacturers, they have long been coveted by Tesla's big orders, and Tesla has also shown its favor for Chinese companies.

At present, Tesla's super factory construction in Shanghai is in full swing. It is reported that the Chinese factory will become Tesla's second largest production base in the world. According to the annual output of 500,000 vehicles, Tesla's annual demand for power batteries for its Shanghai plant will reach 40GWh, while the corresponding equipment demand is 12 billion yuan, corresponding to the purchase of more than 28 billion yuan.

43 million devices are just the beginning

Recently, Pioneer Intelligence announced that the company has signed a "purchase contract" with Tesla for lithium battery production equipment such as winder, cylindrical battery assembly line and chemical composition system. The contract amount is about 43 million yuan. It marks the official entry of the pilot intelligence into the Tesla supply chain.

Although the amount of 43 million yuan is not particularly large, the pilot intelligence has won the Tesla order, which has played a good demonstration role for domestic equipment companies. It also shows that the strength of domestic equipment enterprises has been recognized by world-class enterprises.

In the future, in the face of Tesla's 12 billion yuan equipment demand, Pilot Intelligence may also receive larger orders. At present, there are many high-quality equipment companies in China. Tesla's demand for equipment has also brought great business opportunities to companies such as Wintech, Han's Laser, Qizhi Intelligent, and Qixing Huachuang.

Panasonic battery can't keep up with the rhythm

Not only is the business opportunity of equipment companies coming, but domestic battery companies are also expected to enter the Tesla supply chain.

Because recently, according to Japanese media reports, Panasonic and Tesla launched a fierce game around the supply of pure electric vehicles. Tesla CEO Elon Musk hinted that in China, batteries will be purchased from a number of companies, not limited to Matsushita. "It is very likely that local batteries will be sourced from a number of companies including Panasonic," Musk said on Twitter.

Why did Tesla and Panasonic have a crack in the cooperation model of ruthlessness? Is it like Wang Sicong said "should the price be not discussed?" The reasons for this are not known to outsiders. But there is a signal that is very obvious, that is, the opportunity for Chinese battery companies is coming! After all, Tesla came to China to build a factory. From the perspective of cost and supply, it is logical to purchase locally.

Everyone in the circle knows that all the power batteries of Tesla pure electric vehicles have been from Panasonic Japan for a long time. However, because Tesla electric car sales are too hot, Musk has been suffering from insufficient capacity, because only Matsushita supplies batteries, which really can't keep up with Tesla's rhythm.

Regarding Musk's suggestion, Matsushita's car business company president Ito is not surprised. "It is impossible to meet the huge demand for automotive batteries with just one company. We will start consultations with Tesla in the future, but I have envisaged various kinds of Option". Therefore, Tesla turned to purchase batteries from a number of companies, as if they are expected in the industry.

Industry analysts said that if Tesla changed the battery used in China to purchase from multiple companies, Panasonic may have price competition with other companies. It is reported that Panasonic has said that "only for the supply of Tesla, Panasonic's power battery can fully ensure the benefits." Tesla produces high-end electric vehicles, and each car uses a large battery capacity, which makes it easy for Panasonic to ensure profit margins. It can be seen that the battery companies enter Tesla's supply chain, the profits are high, and the benefits are naturally quite a lot.

Industry analysts believe that the current domestic power battery technology technology is not much different from foreign countries, in some performances even better than foreign countries, but the battery stability is temporarily a slight gap, through technical research and process improvement, is expected to soon On or beyond foreign companies; and domestic battery manufacturers have local advantages, timely service response, is expected to obtain large orders.

Upstream materials are also sourced from China

Not only is it to build factories in China, but also tends to purchase equipment and batteries from Chinese manufacturers. Tesla's “China Complex” in the field of new energy vehicles is comprehensive, and it has long been laid out in the upstream materials field.

In September this year, Tesla reached a cooperation agreement with Yanfeng Lithium Industry. Tesla has designated its battery supplier to purchase battery-grade lithium hydroxide products from Yanfeng Lithium and Qifeng International. The annual purchase volume is about 20% of the total capacity of the product of Yanfeng Lithium. The amount is finally settled as quasi. The agreement will be implemented from 2018 to 2020 and may be extended for three years.

In this regard, foreign media commented that electric vehicle suppliers usually need to ensure the supply of lithium for future batteries, and many electric vehicle manufacturers, including Tesla, are working hard to ensure a stable supply of lithium for batteries. Chinese business cooperation reflects the importance attached to the Chinese market.

Tesla has established a factory in China, and there are also huge gaps in battery components such as positive and negative materials, separators, and lithium hexafluorophosphate. It is reported that in addition to the pilot intelligence and Haofeng lithium industry, the current anode material manufacturer Betray has entered the Tesla supply chain. In terms of cathode materials, Dangsheng Technology has been the pioneer of domestic high-nickel materials and has now supplied Tesla energy storage. Supply cathode material.

It can be seen from the changes in the Tesla supply chain that China's central position in the global new energy vehicle market is further strengthened. Before the establishment of the factory in China, Tesla's entire supply chain was dominated by Japanese and Chinese Taiwanese companies, and American companies were the auxiliary. It is not difficult to predict that after China's localization, a considerable part of Tesla's procurement will be carried out in China, which will be a rare opportunity for Chinese manufacturers.

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