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China Mineral Processing Technology Network "Welcome the New Year to send blessings" began

Release date:2018-12-29  source:中国选矿技术网  Browse times:3196

1. Participation time: December 28, 2018, January 25, 2019


2. Participants: All mining related companies


3. Participation method: send graphic blessing or video blessing to staff

            The top 100 companies that have passed the audit will be eligible to play in the media of all China Mineral Processing Technology Network, and 500,000 mining friends will listen together!



1. The company's background wall or a place with company LOGO;

        2, the picture requirements are clear, the video content is clear, no noise;

        3, the video blessing can be seen by the company's CEO, or the company can be seen collectively;

        4, 1 picture or video time 1 minute or so;

        5. The works participating in the prize collection activities must be original by the author. If the activities involve infringement of any third party's intellectual property rights, portrait rights, privacy rights, etc., the participants shall bear the responsibility;

        6, contact hair style: Ms. Liu 18092748414 Mr. Cao 13571838793


                        Mr. Guang, 17629258013, Ms. He, 13087587648


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