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Xinhua commentary: Doing your own thing is the best choice for promoting Sino-US cooperation

Release date:2019-01-02  source:新华社  author:上海有色*  Browse times:589
New year new life. January 1st, 2019 marks the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the United States. On the same day, the two heads of state exchanged congratulatory messages. After two days ago, they exchanged telephone calls and released positive signals to promote Sino-US cooperation. They also concern the development of Sino-US relations. People have more expectations.

At present, Sino-US relations are at an important node. On the basis of the 40 years since the establishment of diplomatic ties, both countries have a good desire to promote the development of Sino-US relations. The key is to turn this wish into reality through sincerity and action.

Listen to what you say and see what you do. Since the two heads of state met with Argentina for a month, the economic and trade teams of China and the United States are busy communicating. The Chinese side has promoted consultations in a sound and orderly manner on the basis of adhering to safeguarding the core interests of the country, and has made positive progress in dialogue and consultation. Next, the two sides should proceed from the overall situation, properly manage their differences in a spirit of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit, use the 90-day consultation window to advance follow-up work, strive for a mutually beneficial and win-win agreement, and promote bilateral relations. Healthy and stable development.

In the midst of a global change in the past 100 years, China-US economic and trade consultations face many challenges and uncertainties. For China, no matter how the world changes, the key is to do your own things as always, in order to change.

In the past year, China implemented a series of measures to expand and open up, hosted the first China International import Expo, launched the Hainan Free Trade Pilot Zone, and fully implemented the market access negative list system... These measures demonstrate China’s determination to deepen reform and opening up. While better meeting the growing needs of the people of the country and promoting high-quality economic development, it also shares the dividends of China's economic development with the rest of the world.

In the new year, based on the 40 years of reform and opening up and the 70 years of development of New China, we are more confident to overcome all kinds of difficulties and obstacles. China has a huge economic mass and consumer market and will not expect to rely on others to realize its dreams. As long as the pace of reform does not stop and the door to openness grows bigger, there will be no power to stop China from moving forward.

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