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Indian company develops 15 minutes of fully charged car battery

Release date:2019-01-02  source:太平洋汽车网  author:上海有色*  Browse times:535
According to overseas media reports today, a technology company called Gegadyne Energy in India today announced a battery research and development project. The new battery can fully charge electric vehicles (EV) within 15 minutes. Currently, the technology has been patented, or Commercialization in 2020.

As the main source of power for electric vehicles, traditional lithium-ion batteries have high cost, slow charging speed and short life. These problems have seriously affected the promotion and development of electric vehicles, and Gegadyne Energy recently announced that they have adopted Static charge storage and fast Faraday kinetic reaction technology can solve the drawbacks of traditional lithium-ion batteries. Ameya Gadiwan, chief technology officer of Gegadyne Energy, added that the battery was mainly used to replace the existing battery, and the new battery will be mainly supplied to electric vehicles in the form of a cylinder, a soft bag and a square.

Gegadyne Energy's release shows that they are currently developing new battery prototypes and battery packs that will be tested by third parties and will be piloted in small batches over the next 12 months. The cost of the battery pack is close to that of a conventional lithium-ion battery, but the cycle life of the battery is about 50 times longer than that of a conventional battery, and the charging speed is faster, and the electric vehicle (EV) can be fully charged within 15 minutes.

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