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Zijin spirit re-emerges in Africa Mussooui Phase II copper-cobalt project completed trial production

Release date:2019-01-02  source:紫金矿业  author:上海有色*  Browse times:555
On December 26th, Zijin Mining's Congo (Golden) Mussonoi Company Phase II copper-cobalt recovery project was put into trial production, creating a record of Chinese-funded enterprises in the Congo (Golden) mine construction, and ran out of Zijin Mining to join the “Belt and Road” international New speed of construction.

The project was officially started on March 24 this year. It uses a combined process of “breaking-acid leaching-extraction-electrowinning-sinking cobalt” to design an annual output of 50,000 tons of copper and 3,000 tons of cobalt.

In the first half of 2018, the copper-cobalt metal market continued to be hot, and there were as many as seven companies in the Congo (Golden) new/expanded wet-process project. During the construction of Mussooui Company, through early intervention, full tracking and scientific organization, reversed construction period, and strengthening social security emergency disposal, the impacts of African land transportation tension and large-scale precipitation in the rainy season were effectively overcome, and the project construction was completed quickly and efficiently.

As the first overseas copper project built by Zijin Mining, the Musuoui company's Kluwezi project took only two years from Pingji to the completion of the project, which greatly reduced the investment cost and the quality of construction was directly in the international advanced ranks. Since the project was put into production, the cumulative copper production has exceeded 70,000 tons, and the local employment has exceeded 1,000.

On the 26th, the second phase of the copper-cobalt recovery project held a simple commissioning ceremony. Zijin Mining Group sent a congratulatory letter to the project company, stating that Musuo Nuo Company fully promoted the spirit of “hard work, pioneering and innovative” of Zijin people, and took only nine months to give priority to “safety-quality-speed-cost”. Control ideas, overcome various unfavorable factors, and create a record of Chinese capital construction in the Congo (Gold) mine. The efficient construction of the project is the result of the joint efforts of the employees of the two countries under the guidance of the “Belt and Road Initiative”. It is the practice of Zijin's innovative concept of “common combination of universal scientific principles and objective reality”.

At present, Mussooui is accelerating the project completion, greening and beautification and information system construction. After the project is put into production and the standard is reached, Musuo Nuo's annual production capacity will reach 100,000 tons of copper and 3,000 tons of cobalt.

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