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Notice of the two departments on promoting the orderly development of the alumina industry

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Office of the National Development and Reform Commission, General Office of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Notice on Promoting the Orderly Development of the Alumina Industry

Development and Reform Office [2018] No. 1655

The provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government and cities with separate plans, the Xinjiang Development and Construction Corps Development and Reform Commission, and the competent departments of industry and information technology:

Alumina is the main raw material for the production of electrolytic aluminum. In recent years, China's alumina production has grown rapidly, which has effectively guaranteed the development needs of the electrolytic aluminum industry. With the reduction of domestic bauxite resources and the decline of grades, the utilization ratio of overseas resources has gradually increased, and the alumina industry has shown a trend of shifting to some coastal areas. It has gradually formed the use of domestic resources in inland areas and supplemented by overseas resources in coastal areas. Development pattern. Affected by factors such as fluctuations in international markets and rising prices at the beginning of this year, some companies are blindly optimistic about the market prospects. As soon as they are planning, the construction of multiple alumina projects in coastal areas has caused serious overcapacity in the industry and affected the industry. healthy growth. In order to promote the orderly and healthy development of the alumina industry, the notice is as follows.

First, the overall requirements

Guided by Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, comprehensively and thoroughly implement the spirit of the 19th Party Congress, adhere to the general tone of the work of striving for stability, adhere to the new development concept, take the supply-side structural reform as the main line, and play the role of market allocation resources. Decisive role, better play the role of the government, strictly implement safety, environmental protection, energy consumption, quality and other requirements, regulate market order, promote transformation and upgrading, achieve dynamic balance of market supply and demand, meet domestic development needs, and promote the orderly and healthy development of the alumina industry.

Second, strengthen scientific planning

The National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will organize research on the development strategy of alumina industry and strengthen guidance on the development of alumina industry in various regions. The provincial development and reform commissions, industrial and information administration departments should timely understand the current situation of the development of alumina industry in the region, and strengthen the economic and social development, industrial base, market demand, total energy consumption and environmental capacity. The scientific plan for the development of the alumina industry, coordinate and coordinate the scale and layout of industrial development in the region, fully demonstrate the project, strictly implement the construction requirements, promote the project construction in an orderly manner, strengthen the supervision of the whole process, and ensure the scale of industrial development and domestic market demand and localities. The carrying capacity is matched to prevent construction projects from going up. China Nonferrous metals Industry Association should strengthen industry self-discipline, timely release information on the development of China's alumina industry, and provide reference for corporate investment decisions.

Third, strict project management

The local departments of development, reform, industry and informatization at all levels shall, in accordance with the division of responsibilities and work in accordance with the Regulations on the Administration of Enterprise Investment Project Approval and Filing, and do a good job in project filing. It is necessary to keep abreast of the progress of project implementation, and strengthen the post-event supervision with relevant departments to ensure that the project strictly implements the procedures of safety assessment, environmental assessment, assessment, land use, etc., and strictly enforce relevant laws and regulations. For key areas where the environmental protection department has clear requirements, new alumina projects must strictly implement special emission limit standards. Those who fail to comply with the relevant procedures shall be promptly corrected; those who violate safety, environmental protection, energy consumption, land use, quality and other relevant laws and regulations shall be investigated and punished according to law. In project supervision and post-event supervision, we must ensure that all market players are treated equally and treated equally.

Fourth, accelerate transformation and upgrading

Local governments at all levels of development, reform, industry, and informatization should encourage enterprises to implement digital, network, and intelligent transformation in light of actual conditions, and support enterprises to focus on deep energy conservation, comprehensive utilization of red mud resources, and treatment of complex diaspite bauxite. Focus on key areas to carry out scientific and technological research and promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. Encourage enterprises to aim at the comprehensive recovery rate of alumina of more than 80%, the comprehensive energy consumption of ton of alumina is less than 380 kg of standard coal, and the consumption of new water of ton of alumina is less than 3 tons, and benchmarking potential to promote green development of the industry. Encourage enterprises to carry out mergers and acquisitions, focusing on extending the upstream and downstream industrial chain, integrating regional markets, and effectively utilizing domestic and foreign resources.

V. Implementing the main responsibility

Further strengthen the main responsibilities of local governments at all levels in the landing of major projects and the prevention and control of social stability risks, we must carefully carry out project argumentation, formulate social stability risk prevention and resolution plans in advance, establish an emergency linkage mechanism, and timely discover and dispose of signs and tendencies. Sexual issues; we must urge relevant enterprises to implement social responsibilities and prevent the cumulative outbreak of risks. Relevant enterprises should enhance the sense of responsibility of the main body, and publish information such as the scale of project investment and construction progress. They must adhere to objective and true conditions, do not exaggerate the facts, and do not follow the trend, forming a pattern of industrial development and improvement of people's livelihood that complement each other and achieve harmony and prosperity.

Sixth, strengthen publicity and guidance

Local governments at all levels of development, reform, industry and informatization should innovate the content and form of popular science activities, and organize third-party forces such as experts, professional organizations, and non-profit organizations to provide advice and guidance for public participation in decision-making, and to raise public awareness and participate in government decision-making. s level. It is necessary to give full play to the role of traditional media and emerging media, unblock the channels of public opinion expression, actively respond to sensational hotspots and the legitimate concerns of the masses, do a good job of image publicity, and gradually increase the public's recognition of the industry. It is necessary to establish hotspots and sensitive public opinion monitoring and disposal mechanisms to prevent public opinion risks, timely and effective disposal, and maintain the normal development order of the industry.

Seven, strengthen supervision and inspection

The National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will, in conjunction with the China Nonferrous metals Industry Association and other relevant parties, conduct inspections on various forms such as consultation, investigation and spot checks on alumina construction projects in accordance with the requirements of this Notice. Relevant issues found will be dealt with seriously in accordance with relevant regulations.

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