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"Live over" but also "live well" - written on the second anniversary of the reco

Release date:2019-01-02  source:中铝青海分公司  Browse times:1068


In the past, they are all prologues.

“活过来”更要“活得好” —写在中铝青海分公司阴极复产两周年之际

On December 18, 2016, after a arduous battle, several cathode production lines that were discontinued were full of blood. The celebration of joy has passed, and the aura of Nirvana has been put down. The employees of the company’s leadership and cathode divisions are aware that the resumption of production is “rebirth” and only means “live”, how to “live” and “live well”. "It is the king, the real climber over the hurdle to open the prologue.

After two years, has the cathode resumption reached the expected target? On the second anniversary of the resumption of the cathode, approach it and explore its footsteps.

Quality - the root of "live"

“活过来”更要“活得好” —写在中铝青海分公司阴极复产两周年之际

The trend of chess is the general trend. After the decision of the Party Group of Chinalco Group to make a “cathode resumption of production in Qinghai Branch”, the main leaders of the branch company expressed their position on behalf of all the cadres and employees of the company. The resumption of production of the cathode production line is the strategic decision of the party group of Chinalco Group. Realize the resumption of production. He also stressed that the resumption of production is not only the restart of the production line, but more importantly, it ensures that the cathode production line has the ability to sustain hematopoiesis and regenerate, win market recognition with high-quality products, and become a new profit point for enterprises with low cost advantages.

The cathode people also understand that the market competition is cruel, there are autumn-style deciduous deaths, and there are also spring breeze and new life. Whether you can be a new student, whether you can move to a broader world, depends on endogenous strength. only by using excellent product quality to make yourself a leader in the same industry can you "live" and create benefits. The cathodes were shut down several times, and they all lost their quality. This time, they are holding a breath: no more shame!

But how can we improve product quality?

The craft speaks "details" and the workers speak "obey". Shang Wenbo, the chief engineer of the cathode business unit, further explained that these two points are to strengthen the detailed process control and solidify the cathode production process. In order to ensure the quality of the products, they continue to do a good job of the stability of various material particle size and powder purity, ensure the stability of the kneading oil, improve the plasticity of the paste, quantify the cleaning work of the process adhesive and cool materials, and maintain the process heat in winter. , the raw block cover and other details.

These are not so deep, even very inconspicuous, but a large number of small improvements, accumulated tricks, become a set of big technology that competitors are more difficult to copy and transcend.

"We require employees to be absolutely obedient in operation, and it is not allowed to make any changes to the process parameters without authorization. Even if it is a little bit!" In the cathode production line, the temperature control and the ratio of the raw materials are all manually operated, one degree higher and one less. One point will appear in the fluctuation of product quality. Throughout numerous attempts and data analysis, the managers of the Cathode Division define each parameter as an absolute number, requiring employees to be absolutely obedient.

At 8:00 on the morning of December 1, the production area of ​​the molding process followed the sound of “dangling” and came to the “site” of the kneading pot. A fully armed employee scraped the residue in the pot with an iron hook, and the other The employee held a large iron shovel and shoveled the residual material out of the pot. Every time he shoveled, he used his right elbow to resist the knee. Although it is already a harsh winter, in the kneading pot with excess heat, it takes no less than a quarter of an hour, and their foreheads will pick up fine sweat.

"It's not just us here, we have to clean up yesterday's cold materials before we can clean up the cold materials in order to start the production today." The workers of the shovels talked and shoveled a shovel. "We are the first process. If we don't do well, the people behind us will be useless."

After unremitting efforts of all employees, the pass rate of cathode blocks reached 91%, and the pass rate of physical and chemical indicators was 98%. On November 28, good news came from Chinalco. The project "Qualification rate of physical and chemical indicators of cathode carbon blocks" was awarded in 2018. The second prize of the outstanding quality research project. In the whole process of quality control, there is no great high-tech, some are just a few improvements in the technicians, and the operators do not ask for obedience. This technique can't even teach you with a manual. Many technical details exist in the minds of employees at all levels.

Production - the basis of "live well"

Low production capacity and high energy consumption are two gullies that have been in front of the cathode production line. Where they are, the cathode production line cannot become a new profit growth point for the company. To be serious, it is more likely to become a new “bleeding point”. .

The original phase of the roasting furnace of the cathode business unit has a small amount of furnace, long roasting cycle, high energy consumption, large investment in tons of products, serious damage to the roasting fire wall and cross wall, and severe deformation, which has seriously affected the roasting effect. Solve the inherent defects of this type of roaster. Less than 20 days after the resumption of production, the company started the first phase of the cathode roasting furnace renovation project. After nearly half a year of fighting, the first phase of the cathode roasting furnace was completed.

Before and after the Dragon Boat Festival, slutty rain. The production area of ​​the cathode business unit is in full swing. All employees have been fighting for 7 days and nights, dumping 1,000 tons of raw materials, filling more than 500 tons of materials, and completing the furnace work of the ignition furnace room. May 31 and June 5, 2017, two The systems were successfully ignited successfully. After the transformation, the output of the roaster was increased by 2 times, and the unit consumption of the natural gas roasting block was reduced by 130 m3/ton. On July 29, the open roaster of No. 1 began to be released.

If a worker wants to do something good, he must first sharpen his tools. At the beginning of the resumption of production, the equipment maintenance personnel will carry out independent overhaul of the bucket lifter, crusher and molding machine day and night. During that time, the chief engineer Zhou Xin took the staff into the equipment all day long. "Everyone is as black as a part of the carbon block." Some people laughed at themselves. "Equipment is an important guarantee for production, and the equipment failure rate is 18% lower than that of 2017. It is not easy." Zhou Xin said.

The characteristic of the cathode production line is that it is based on sales. How to flexibly organize production and complete the supply and supply tasks in the case of order concentration and different carbon block sizes is a direct test of the cathode production capacity. From April to May this year, the Cathode Division will supply five customers with centralized products. There are three specifications, and the order volume has reached 24% of the annual production task.

The forming process of the division is “changing the mold” at any time according to the size required by the customer, and organizes the alternate production. Before changing the mold, it takes about 3 days, but now it takes only one day to complete, and the monthly output of machining is up to 1400 tons. In the history of the cathode production line, the monthly output never exceeded 1,000 tons. After nearly two months of hard work, high quality completed all orders during the delivery period.

“The large-size products are not well produced” has always been the consensus of the cathode market. However, with the renewed iteration of the electrolyzer technology, large-size carbon blocks are bound to become the leading products in the cathode market. Therefore, the cathode business unit is composed of a technical group to tackle 500KA and 600KA. The electrolytic cell uses the research and development of the cathode carbon block production process. At present, the production of large-sized carbon block anodes has become a prominent advantage of the cathode business unit.

The Cathode Division understands that if there is only an exclusive advantage, no matter the environment changes, or the opponent is fast and powerful, this advantage will soon be lost, but when there are two or more advantages, in the process of survival, there will be a move. Space greatly enhances the probability of "live well." Therefore, they further improved the production of cathode supporting products such as the processing dimensions of the side corner blocks. In the case of the normal temperature paste technology, the cathode business unit has repeatedly explored and trial-produced the technical backbone personnel to complete the R&D and production of the room temperature paste and meet the industry standards and on-site tamping requirements. At present, a total of 398.95 tons of paste at room temperature and 47.73 tons of bar paste at room temperature are produced. The successful research and implementation of waste tar reuse technology can reduce the production cost while dealing with hazardous waste. They regard themselves as an individual who has no advantage in the future and struggle and accumulate. Lifelong learning is a lifelong business.

Market - the guarantee of "going far"

The big market is in the first place. After the cathode resumed production, the company's leaders emphasized that the sales of cathode products should be “walking on two legs” – both the internal market of Chinalco and the external market.

The horn blows and the drums are urged. At the same time as the Catalyst Division fully invested in the quality assurance war, the sales staff of the Marketing Purchasing Department rushed to more than 3,000 kilometers and visited nearly 20 companies and customers to expand the sales of cathode products.

“Many companies have fixed cathode product suppliers. The cooperation relationship has been relatively stable for many years. Besides, who is willing to use a product that is just getting started, the quality is the core of their concerns,” said Ma Minghua, a salesman in the marketing procurement department.

Opportunities don't care for people who are not prepared. In order to open the market, marketers conduct a comprehensive survey of the market and understand the market psychological expectations of customers in detail. Under the premise of comprehensive consideration of warehousing, transportation, product indicators and other factors, adopt a targeted sales strategy and go door to door. On-site sales, to tell customers about the quality of the company's cathode products, to eliminate customer concerns about product quality.

Under the unremitting efforts, some customers promised to "try to do two." On February 15, 2017, the first batch of cathode products were sent to Inner Mongolia and Shandong, and the sales of cathode carbon blocks embarked on a “breaking ice” journey. At the end of February, the company took over 2,500 tons of cathodes from 57 electrolytic cells of Chinalco Guiyang Institute Huaren Project, and completed the supply on time and in quality, opening up the southwest sales market. Because the quality of the cathode product was excellent, then, in the company's electrolytic cell overhaul, the company signed an order for more than 2,100 tons of carbon blocks and 430 tons of side angle blocks for 48 electrolyzers. Afterwards, the company sent back feedback information on the use of cathode products, which gave a high degree of recognition and recognition for excellent quality. The cathode product of Qinghai Branch “has become famous in World War I”, thus establishing a high-quality brand image in the market.

Sales are open roads, and after sales are bridges. After the products are sent to the customer unit, the marketing personnel immediately go to the customer unit, from the unloading, sampling to the customer's sump and using the carbon block to follow up on the spot, the whole process is done after-sales, and the customers share the same pains, together in the customer's production line Repeatedly compare the test results and actively participate in the customer's demonstration of the product.

Most of the customers are in remote mountainous areas. For the marketing staff, continuous presence has become the norm in the work. Sales supervisor Wang Liren Zui has been stationed for nearly 50 days, and salesman Huang Zhongming has been stationed for 35 days. They can't take care of themselves. The little home, "on the road" is as commonplace. But their efforts have earned the trust of customers, and the way in which cathode products are sold has become wider and wider. Since the resumption of production, it has sold a total of 16,000 tons of cathode carbon blocks and 0.1 million tons of side angle blocks.

In September this year, the Marketing Purchasing Department has successfully reached a cooperation agreement with a neighboring company, and the external market expansion has achieved initial results, supplementing the discontinuous short board of cathode production with external orders. The marketing and purchasing department's thinking and actions on how to broaden the cathode market have never stopped.

Employees - the backbone of stability

“Holding a group, despising the harsh environment and growing and developing in the crisis.” Wu Xiaowen, born in 1995, was hired as a machining in the molding process of the Cathode Division in March 2017, the first of its kind after the cathode was resumed. One of the young people. In the induction training, the instructor told them about the story of the cathodic resumption of birth, and let him be branded with the gene of the catharsis spirit from the very beginning. At work, he and his young workers have their own understanding of the cathodic recovery.

The cathode business unit has 22 employees, including 14 “90s”; there are 8 employees in the four classes and 6 employees in the “90s”. Here, the young "post-80s" and "post-90s" have become the main force. In June last year, the quality of the cathode fluctuated, and the appearance of the carbon block was different. The workers Zhang Wenping and Pu Wenjun analyzed the reasons together with the workers. The self-made “grinding method” not only effectively improved the appearance qualification rate, but also The problem of repeated processing and long processing time and high energy consumption is solved.

One day in May of this year, the Siemens 440 inverter failed in the machining process, which caused the transportation and milling of the carbon block to be impossible. This can be anxious for the electrician class born in 1991, Ma Jianqi, repeated inspections still can not find the cause of the failure, he asked a former electrician teacher who knew the work before.

"Look at your urgency, as if your own things are broken." The master learned that he had ridiculed him. Then he came to camp with him until 11 o'clock in the night, and finally recovered the inverter, and he just asked the master to eat a bowl of noodles.

"Although they are very skinny, they have rushed to work on difficult jobs and never back down." Although the mechanical process security officer Pu Wenjun is a "post-80s", he is a big brother in front of young workers. It is a compliment to talk about the new employees.

The more the burden is like a mountain, the more you have to protect the person who bears the burden. The new cathode production line adheres to the "employee-centered" development philosophy, adopts a new form of employment, stimulates the enthusiasm of employees, and promotes efficiency and quality change. Because of the outstanding performance and characteristics of the “grinding operation method” in the 2017 guarantee work, Zhang Wenping became the first person to turn the outsourcing staff of the cathode business unit. Three women, such as Xiang Furong, Cheng Yongrong and Li Chungui, who have outstanding performances in the crown and machine positions, have also turned positive.

Everything that is happening has already brought about it and will inevitably bring about more far-reaching effects. Under the inspiration of the cathode resumption of production, the young workers of the Cathodic Division are organized, disciplined, disciplined, and coordinated. Everyone works together, calmly, does not rush, and is not greedy, and they are dedicated and brave.

Culture - the spirit of not fighting

"The cathode can be today, it is impossible to rely on our own power alone." Dong Wen, manager of the cathode business unit, said with emotion. The more than 100 days and nights that have been revived by the whole company seem to be yesterday. He admits that after the success of the resumption of production, he was worried that the units would "walk all the way, each side", but then he found that this fear was completely redundant.

"All units should continue to carry forward the spirit of cathodic recovery, establish the idea of ​​'one chess game', and fully support the cathode." In the face of the tens of thousands of work after the resumption of production, the general manager made a request at each special meeting. For the cathode production line, the company's leaders devoted a lot of effort, and the cathode's every move, one breath and one suction all affected their nerves. In the two years of resumption of production, four special meetings were held to organize the relevant departments to analyze the output, quality, cost and profit of the cathode, and to coordinate and solve the problems on the spot. As long as the cathode is involved, it has always been “special events, and will be done immediately”.

"Cathode priority" has become the custom of the company's various units and functional departments, from the resumption of production campaign to today.

After the resumption of production, the production line equipment is seriously aging, and the reserves of important spare parts are almost zero. At any time, the work clothes company receives the task of the cathode processing parts, and treats them as urgent tasks. It enables all the lathes, milling machines and planers to operate continuously, and the gas processing is completed and delivered. The power plant is equipped with two in the case of nervous personnel. A good technician of the technical Zui supplements the maintenance power; whether the carbon factory is a spare part or a craftsman, as long as the cathode needs it, it must "reluctantly cut love."

In the early stage of resumption of production, in order to explore the cost-effective formula, the cathode business unit has done dozens of experiments. It is just one or two hundred sample piles in the laboratory like a hill bag, plus the routine test, quality material control center. The number of assay sampling analysis is staggering. But they never complain, do the testing and analysis day and night, and provide data support for the determination of the correct production plan.

While strengthening the staff training, the Human Resources Comprehensive Department will give priority to the talents of the cathode production line; the Enterprise Management Department will timely renovate the process equipment and report to the headquarters in time the material consumption and completion of the indicators in the cathode production. Situation; Safety and Environmental Protection Center combs and perfects various safety management systems and guides the use of environmental protection facilities; the Finance Department holds 4 financial trainings to guide the team leader on how to “calculate and do the work”; the Ministry of Equipment and Energy helps to report the spare parts. once the equipment has problems, it will be coordinated and resolved immediately; the Party and Mass Work Department will help establish and improve party organizations at all levels, and provide guidance on how to grasp the party building around the center; the company's trade unions will provide life facilities for the cathode team in a timely manner.

Nowadays, the cathode complex of "dare to take responsibility, unite and help each other, not afraid of hardship, and do it"


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