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Walter New Year's Message || New Era New as a tribute to 2018, 2019

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Years are not living, the season is like a stream. The 2018, which is brilliantly written, is about to go. In this year, we will not forget our original heart and make progress. In this year, we will stick to our mission, go all the way, use responsibility and take up the banner of revitalizing the "China's wisdom". In this year, we deepened reforms, innovated and developed, and sounded the loud horn of high-quality development with practical actions! The new era horns inspire people, and the new journey calls for reform pioneers. Walter Magnets is dedicated to the beginning of the reform journey. A new chapter.


Looking back at 2018, we are welcoming the 25th anniversary of the establishment of Walter. Our pace has become more stable, the foundation has become more solid, and the direction has become more clear:

Grateful to have you, all the way
In order to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Walter's magnetic power, seven major events were held: in April, Walter's magnetic cup was held, “When the story of Linyi was discovered, and the scenery of Linyi was discovered”, the online essay contest was held; in May, the “Walt Impression” network essay contest was held; In the month, each Walt employee will be provided with a beautiful commemorative gift - a backpack with the Walter International logo; in September, the "National Famous Painting and Calligraphy Association" will be held, and the national famous painter Zhu Shuai, Yu Yuyu, etc. will be invited. Famous painting and calligraphy artists walked into Walter, splashing ink for writing Walter; in October, the "National Linyi-Huaite Magnetic Cup" was held to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up, and the 25th anniversary of Walter Magnetron's "Linyi Story" essay contest; In the month of Weifang Daily, the special edition of Walter’s 25 years of brilliant achievements was published. On December 30th, more than 700 employees and family representatives of the Lancui Hot Spring Hotel organized a grand celebration of “Building Brilliance and Prosperity”. 25th anniversary celebrations. All the staff celebrated the day, celebrated the birthday of China, and expressed their feelings, happiness, and sense of accomplishment.
       2018, we are going
       Focusing on the national “One Belt, One Road” development strategy, the company has formed a strategic partnership with the German Koroni Mining Group and the South African AMG Group; signed a large international order with a large mining group in Australia, and exported large-scale magnetic and magnetic beneficiation equipment in batches. In Europe, North America, Africa and other countries, international orders have achieved a new leap in history. Successfully held the 2018 technology exchange meeting of magnetic and low-temperature superconducting application industry technology innovation strategic alliance "new mineral processing technology, new equipment, new technology"; actively fulfilling social responsibility poverty alleviation, facing the typhoon "Wambia" disaster, donation We donated more than 200,000 yuan to do our best for post-disaster reconstruction. As always, we will help the poor and help the poor.


         2018, we are new
The company's technical strength continues to lead the domestic industry. The company was rated as a single champion enterprise in the manufacturing industry by the Shandong Provincial People's Government. Walter Magnet won the “Independent Innovation Leading Enterprise” of the China Heavy Machinery Industry Association and obtained the national intellectual property rights of the State Intellectual Property Office. The superior enterprise "excellent; the company invented the patented product" oil-water composite cooling vertical ring high gradient magnetic separator "has won the first prize of the Shandong Science and Technology Workers Innovation Competition, and the "fine refining slag magnetic separator" has been scaled up and promoted in China. Application, and won the China Patent Award Excellence Award, Shandong Province Science and Technology Award Second Prize, Weifang City Patent Award first prize; Walter Company Collaborative Office (OA) system project started as planned and smoothly went online, Walter Magneto PLM The system project was officially launched, and the joint research and development of automatic welding robots was successfully put into production line. On December 28th, the company was rated as “Excellent Enterprise of Shandong Province in 2018”, and the company's informationization and intelligence reached a new level. The company's technology research and development level and management level are leading the same industry in all aspects, and the industry influence is steadily increasing.




2018, we are going steady
        The company was recognized as a national and Shandong province contract-honoring and credit-worthy enterprise; Walter Magnet was elected as the executive director unit of China Heavy Machinery Industry Association and participated in the keynote speech of Liu Fengliang, executive vice president of China's heavy machinery industry's 'One Belt, One Road' international cooperation forum; As the leading brand in the magnetic separation industry, Special Magnetics was selected as a member of the 6th Mineral Processing Academic Committee of the China Mining Association. Wang Zhaolian, the chairman of the company, attended the 12th meeting of the Shandong Provincial Political Consultative Conference and was elected as the standing committee member and the fifth member of the Shandong Overseas Friendship Association. Walter has stepped forward step by step and steadily moved forward.


 2018, talent engineering achievements
         Wang Zhaolian, the chairman of the company, was selected as a high-level talent expert in the economic construction field as a senior engineer, elected as a director of the Weifang High-level Talent Development Promotion Association, and elected as the vice chairman of the Linyi County Science and Technology Association; the employees of the company Liu Maotang and Wang Jianlei were awarded the Weifang City respectively. "Fumin Xingyu" and "Weifang Artisans" honorary title; Comrade Wang Jianlei won the honorary title of "100 Arts and Craftsmen of Machinery Industry" for the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up of China Machinery Industry Federation, and "Huate Artisan Engineering" achieved initial results.


Reform starts again, innovation goes to the future
        The new era horns are inspiring, and the new journey calls for reform pioneers. Entering the new era, the great motherland is full of vitality, Walter's magnetism is flourishing, and Walter's children are full of enthusiasm. In 2019, the splendid scrolls have been rolled out. In the new year, the clarion horn of the sails has been played, and the new mission has opened the way to continue. We firmly believe that after 25 years of glory, Walter Magnet, the entrepreneur of the Walter is full of enthusiasm, closely surrounding the grand vision of accelerating the realization of "the world's leading magnetic application system service provider", and I will definitely wait for it. Cheng’s stance of striving people will continue to push the company to triumph on the road of international high-quality development, and will create a new era with a new attitude!

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Walter's founding and the New Year's Day of 2019, we have extended our hearts to leaders, colleagues, new and old customers, and friends from all walks of life who care, support and help Walter's magnetism growth and development. New Year's greetings and sincere wishes!

I wish you all the best: good health, a prosperous career, a happy family, and auspicious!

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