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At the beginning of the new year, reviewing the performance of Lun lead two days

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Last Friday, Lun lead opened at 2032 US dollars / ton, during the Asian period, Lun lead once fell to 2016 US dollars / ton, then stabilized, and entered the European period, the lead lead shocked up, climbed to 2060 US dollars / ton, refresh two After a new high, the post-up momentum was not enough to fall back, and it was consolidating at $2045, and finally reported at $2,043/ton.

On Monday, Lun lead opened at 2,055 US dollars / ton. During the Asian period, the lead was narrowed and opened in a narrow range. After entering the European period, the lead was high and the gain was high. It was low to stabilize near the 5th line and finally reported at $2010.5/ton. The decline was 1.59%, down $32.5/ton, and the position was reduced by 906 lots to 101128 lots. Lun lead high-yield Yinxian retreated in the previous period, short-term test of the support of 2,000 US dollars, estimated to be 2,000 to 2030 US dollars / ton.
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