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  Ore name
Indicator requirements Place of delivery Quantity price company name release time
Zhejiang 5000t 0.00yuan 2019-03-22
Guizhou 2000t 0.00yuan 2018-12-10
Tin concentrate: Tin: 50% to 55% Long-term supply
Yunnan 0 0.00yuan 2019-03-22
Yunnan 0 0.00yuan 2019-03-22
Anhui 0 0.00yuan 2019-03-22
Antimony sulfide ore: grade 20 or above; grade of fine powder above 40
ShaanxiXi'an City 0 0.00yuan 2019-03-22
Gold>50g, silver>200g, copper>1.5%
Shaanxi 0 0.00yuan 2018-08-28
Mohs hardness is above 8 degrees, and aluminum silice content is low
ShaanxiXi'an City 0 0.00yuan 2019-03-22
Lithium concentrate with a grade above 5%
ShaanxiXi'an City 0 0.00yuan 2019-03-22
Copper concentrate There are three 1.Cu: 19-22%, Ag: 80-100g, Au: 22-30g/t; 2. Cu: 19-22%, Ag: 80-100g, Au: 12-18g/t; 3.Cu: 22-25%, Ag: 30-50g/t The above three s are all above 20, and all other elements such as arsenic are not exceeded.
Shaanxi 1200t 0.00yuan 2018-08-04
  [sell]Zinc concentrate
Yunnan 0 0.00yuan 2019-03-22
YunnanLinyi City 10000t 0.00yuan 2018-01-14
Zhejiang 30t 0.00yuan
ShaanxiXi'an City 0 0.00yuan 2017-09-04
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