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  Ore name
Indicator requirements Place of delivery Quantity price company name release time
Gold>50g, silver>200g, copper>1.5%
Shaanxi 0 0.00yuan 2018-08-28
Gold grade>20g
Shandong 1000t 0.00yuan
Tianjin 10000t 0.00yuan
Gold grade > 20 grams or more, with high sulfur is best.
Foreign 10000t 0.00yuan
JiangxiNanchang City 0 0.00yuan 2018-08-13
“Alchemy refines, grow bigger and stronger” – Shandong Guoda Gold Co., Ltd. is the first large state-owned enterprise specialized in the smelting of gold and silver precious metals. The company has strong capital, mature technology, reputation first, and convenient settlement. It purchases and processes gold (silver) concentrate powder in a large number of years; it contains arsenic and carbon-containing gold (silver) concentrate powder. Welcome to call us, we will work together and serve you wholeheartedly. Company website http//www.sdguoda.com. Contact: Manager Liu, Tel: 15054560591 13001600098
ShandongYantai City 0 0.00yuan 2018-01-05
ShandongYantai City 0 0.00yuan 2017-10-16
ShandongYantai City 0 0.00yuan 2019-03-22
Acquisition of gold concentrates of more than 10 grams, large quantity concessions, non-price arsenic carbon and other indicators
ShandongYantai City 0 9999.00yuan 2018-12-12
  [Buying]高价收购 水银
HunanQuzhou City 0 0.00yuan 2017-08-23
Nationwide 0 0.00yuan 2017-06-06
Nationwide 0 0.00yuan 2017-06-06
Nationwide 0 0.00yuan 2017-06-06
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