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XGN-Z series heavy hammer crusher

XGN-Z series heavy hammer crusher is a new type of heavy hammer crusher developed on the basis of light hammer crusher series crusher based on user feedback information and development of crushing industry. Brittle materials with a crushing compressive strength of not more than 1500 mm and a crushing compressive strength of not more than 120 MPa, such as limestone, bluestone, coal gangue, shale, gravel, gneiss and the like. The utility model has the advantages of large grain size, high crushing ratio, large output, good grain shape, simple operation, safe and reliable operation and convenient maintenance. Therefore, this series of crushers is an alternative to traditional hammer crushers. This series of crushers is the preferred equipment when the physical properties of mineral materials are suitable.

Performance characteristics:

1. The feed size is large, the crushing ratio is high, the output is large in a single machine, and the maximum production can reach 2,500 tons.

2. Unique and flawless strip design, dry and wet materials can be broken, the powder extraction rate is greatly reduced, and environmental protection is preferred.

3. The snail shell, the back rib structure, the inner lining is arranged closely, and the casing is firm and resistant to impact and deformation.

4. The vulnerable parts of the rotor disk are all equipped with wear-resistant retaining ring, wear-resistant and impact-resistant, and extend the service life of the rotor. The bolts are uniformly made of 10.9 high-strength bolts, which is convenient for replacement and maintenance.

5. The hammer plate is designed with eight-way hammer shaft hole and four-way spare. The tungsten alloy steel bushing is embedded in the hammer shaft hole, which greatly prolongs the life of the rotor disk.

6. The expansion sleeve is connected between the pulley and the main shaft, which is more durable than the traditional key connection.

7. The hammer head can be rotated 360 degrees around the hammer shaft to prevent the hammer head from directly colliding with the spacer sleeve during the rotation process, and the hammer head and the hammer shaft are not broken.

8. Hammerhead production has an independent modern casting workshop and casting component spectrum analyzer, using the most advanced composite hammerhead, the hammer handle is impact resistant, and the hammer head is wear resistant.





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