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Product Details
        [Feed size]: 0.03-1mm [Production capacity]: 2-40t/h

[Application field]: Spiral chute is the best equipment for mining and mineral processing, especially for sand mining in seashore, riverside, sand beach and stream.

[Applicable materials]: iron ore, ilmenite, chromite, pyrite, zircon, rutile, monazite, tungsten ore, tin ore, etc.

【product description】

The spiral chute has the advantages of reasonable structure, simple installation, small floor space, simple operation, stable ore dressing, clear ore separation, large processing capacity, high efficiency, high entrainment enrichment ratio, high recovery rate and reliable operation. Moisture-proof, rust-proof, anti-corrosion, strong adaptability to the amount of ore and concentration, particle size, grade fluctuation, no noise.

【Product advantages】

Small size, large production capacity

The spiral chute has a simple structure, small volume and small floor space, so it is convenient to install and transport, light in weight, moisture-proof and rust-proof, which is conducive to daily operation and large production capacity.

No noise, environmental protection and energy saving

The spiral chute itself has no moving parts, does not consume power, and has almost no noise. Because of the high mass fraction of the ore and no washing water, it achieves the double effect of environmental protection and energy saving.

Easy to operate, adaptable

The spiral chute is not critical to the operation requirements (such as the ore size, mass fraction, etc.), even if the ore, ore concentration, ore size and ore grade change, there is almost no influence on the selection index, and it has strong adaptability. Sex.

Good processing effect

The spiral chute is not only easy to operate, but also achieves a good treatment effect. It is characterized by stable ore dressing, clear ore separation, large processing capacity, high efficiency, and high entrainment enrichment ratio.

【working principle】

Raise the spiral chute, calibrate the vertical line, fix it in the appropriate position with iron frame or wood, send the ore to the top of the spiral feed by the sand pump, add the supplementary water, adjust the concentration of the ore paddle, the natural paddle Swirl from high to low, generating an inertial centrifugal force in the rotating bevel flow rate. Separating the ore from the sand by the gravity and centrifugal force of the swirling flow, the difference in the specific gravity, grain size and shape of the ore. The flow into the concentrate bucket is taken out by the pipeline, and the tail sand flows into the sand pond with the pipeline, and then drained by the sand pump to complete the whole process of the beneficiation.
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