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Talking about the installation problem of the roller crusher

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   For crusher equipment, we believe that we are more familiar with jaw crushers, counter crushers, hammer crushers, etc. For the roller crusher, it may not be very well understood. Here, Kunming Runyang Heavy Machinery gives you some information about How to properly install the small attention to detail of the roller crusher so that it can be carried out more efficiently at work.

We know that any machine can only ensure that its subsequent work is carried out smoothly only when it is installed. Then the correct installation of the roller crusher is very important. In the actual installation, we first need to clean the various components and check the surface of the parts for damage, then apply the lubricant beforehand and protect the parts from falling. dust. Then, since the roller crusher is a long-body large-scale equipment, it should be installed in this order and method:

1. When installing the frame of the roller crusher, install it on the foundation, then pay attention to the calibration level, and tighten the anchor screw and the dry screw and cement into the anchor hole. The cement is deeply poured into the upper part of the screw hole, while the lower part is filled with dry sand.

2. When installing the roller crusher frame on the foundation, a clearance of ~3 cm must be left between the frame and the foundation to water the cement slurry. Foundation After the rack is installed, the cement slurry is re-irrigated.

3. After the rack is installed, install the rotating shaft. To avoid oil leakage, a gasket should be installed between the frame and the rotating shaft housing. The backing plate should have sufficient fit to the frame so that it does not deflect when the bolt is pulled. In the case of repair or disassembly, in order to pull out the rotating shaft, it is often installed on the external law.

4. Before installing the eccentric bushing of the roller crusher, first blow the lower cover fixed to the frame with compressed air, plug the oil hole on it, and then put three or four pieces. The surface of the thrust disc is coated with lubricating oil. In a certain order, if four pieces of the disc are pushed, they are installed in order from top to bottom; when three pieces are used, the middle piece of copper is installed in the lower cover. Finally, fix the lower cover to the rack.

5. After installing the eccentric bushing, the spherical support bowl for the roller crusher should be installed. It should be placed tightly in the groove of the crusher frame, and the key should be used to prevent him from swinging and skewing in the groove. At the time of installation, attention must also be paid to the damage of the water pipe, the drain pipe, the oil retaining ring, the spherical thrust bearing seated inside the support bowl, and the outer seal ring.

6. The final assembly of the feeding device should be such that the ore that is fed falls just on the ore formed by the ore itself and falls evenly into the space around the crushing cone. For this purpose, the holes in the feed box should be eccentric.

7. In fact, when the roller crusher is installed on the square wood, the horizontal position of the roller crusher is adjusted by the method required to flatten the square wood. The adjusting spring should be tightened in such a way that the spring pressure acting on the roller can ensure a more uniform crushing of the ore; on the other hand, if the ore block smoothly enters the crushing roller, and the crushing machine has the processing capacity and is broken If the particle size of the product discharged from the machine is completely loaded with the technical characteristics, the crusher can be handed over for use.

All of the above need to be paid attention to when installing the roller crusher. only when it is properly installed can it be guaranteed to be carried out smoothly in the future work. For more information, please call the company at 0871-3321600 or visit the company's website at www.kmryzj.com.
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