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Bentonite moisture content tester picture

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brand: Guanya Moisture Meter
最大称重: 85g
可读数: 0.01g
电源: 220V±10%
Unit Price: Face to face
Start up: 1 set
Total supply volume: 987 set
period for dispatch: From the date of the buyer's payment 3 Delivery within days
Location: Jilin Changchun City
Valid until: Long term effectiveness
Last update: 2019-04-11 14:48
Browse times: 1508
Basic company information
Product Details
Bentonite moisture content tester picture

Because the national standard drying method detects the moisture content of the sample, the operation steps are cumbersome, the time is long, and the controllable factors are few. For this problem, Guanya Technology has developed a rapid moisture analyzer, which has no consumables, short time and simple operation. Easy to carry, fully automatic testing, high efficiency, stable performance, accurate testing and so on. The rapid moisture meter exterior packaging is a beautiful combination of shock-proof foam and crown-specific special box, with anti-drop, shockproof and other functions to better protect the product from scratching, so that you can use it better.

1. First plug the Guanya moisture content detector into the 220v power supply, and turn on the instrument according to the switch at the back of the instrument.

2. The accessories inside are sorted in the same order, and then the sample is placed on the weighing plate.

3. Then shake the sample of the weighing pan evenly and cover with a halogen heating source.

4. Press the test button to start the normal operation, the instrument will automatically alarm, indicating that the test is completed.
Bentonite moisture content tester picture

Technical Parameters:
1, weighing range: 0-85g
Debugtable test space is 3cm, 5cm, 10cm
2, moisture measurement range: 0-100%
3. Weighing minimum reading: 0.01g
JK weighing system sensor
4, sample quality: 0.5-85g
5, heating temperature range: starting -195 ° C
Heating method: variable mixing heating
Fine adjustment automatic compensation temperature 15 ° C
6, water content readability: 0.01%
7, display parameters: 7 kinds
Moisture value, sample initial value, final value, measurement time, initial temperature value, final value, and discrimination time
8, dual communication interface: RS 232 (printer) RS 232 (computer)
9, dimensions: 380 × 205 × 325 (mm)
10, power: 220V ± 2%
11, frequency: 50Hz ± 1Hz
12, weight: 3.6kg


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