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Furnace insulation high temperature coating

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brand: Zhisheng Weihua
耐温: 2000度
导热系数: 0.03w/m.K
附着力: 1级
Unit Price: 70.00yuan/kg
Start up: 20 kg
Total supply volume: 2000000 kg
period for dispatch: From the date of the buyer's payment 3 Delivery within days
Location: Beijing
Valid until: Long term effectiveness
Last update: 2019-04-04 14:04
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Basic company information
Product Details
ZS-1 high temperature resistant thermal insulation coating Phone: 010-56370572 Contact: Ai Manager 15010854413
After years of research and development, Beijing Zhisheng Weihua Company successfully produced ZS-1 high temperature heat insulation coating technology. The technology is the world's first. The coating is made of Zhisheng Weihua special silicate solution, aluminum silicate fiber, heat reflective material and selected ceramic hollow. Finely processed microbeads, water-based pure inorganic coatings, without any odor at high temperature and normal temperature, without any harmful substances. Zhisheng ZS-1 high temperature heat insulation coating is divided into (-60 ° C ~ 600 ° C, specific gravity is 1100 Kg / m3), (-60 ° C ~ 1000 ° C, specific gravity is 1200 Kg / m3) and (depending on the use) 800 ° C ~ 2000 ° C, the specific gravity is 2200Kg / m3), the thermal conductivity is only 0.03W / mK, the coating is resistant to open flame for a long time, can effectively suppress and shield radiant heat and conduction heat, heat insulation inhibition efficiency up to 90 about %, it can suppress the heat radiation and heat conduction loss of various kiln, can effectively keep cold for low temperature objects and can suppress the loss of cooling caused by environmental radiant heat, and can also prevent the occurrence of condensed water of objects.
Tested: In the high temperature pipelines, equipment, furnace (inside and outside), the surface of the container can effectively suppress the loss of heat radiation and heat: 1. The surface of the object coated with 1100 °C is 8mm thick, the surface temperature of the object It can be reduced to within 100 °C. 2. only 6mm thick high-temperature thermal insulation coating can be used on the inner and outer surfaces of the furnace to reduce heat loss by more than 30%.
ZS-1 high temperature insulation coatings have passed the continuous technological innovation of dozens of R&D personnel, tens of thousands of tests and inspections in the laboratory, and the feedback from the application results of the customer's use on the site. The performance of the coating has been improved several times. It has become the mainstay of various kiln and high-temperature equipment insulation and energy saving.
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