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PPC air box pulse bag filter

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                                                                      PPC air box pulse bag filter


The primary component of the PPC air bag pulse bag filter is from the housing (usually welded by 5mm carbon steel plate), the bracket and pulse cleaning system, ash bucket, ash discharge equipment and other components. When the dust-containing gas enters the ppc gas box pulse bag filter from the air inlet, it first hits the inclined baffle at the center of the air inlet, and the airflow will turn into the ash bucket. At the same time, the airflow speed is slower and slower, because the inertia effect The coarse particles of dust in the gas directly fall into the ash bucket, which has the effect of pre-collecting dust. After entering the airflow of the ash hopper, it is folded upwards and passes through the dust-removing cloth bag with the metal dust-removing skeleton inside. The dust is captured and collected to the outer surface of the filter bag, and the purified gas enters the clean room at the upper part of the dust-removing bag room.
  PPC气箱Gathered to the outlet pipe and discharged. The discharged clean air completely reaches the national required emission standard, and the filtering power is up to 99%. The PPC gas box pulse bag filter is the dust removal device with high dust removal power in China. PPC air box pulse bag filter

There are 33 kinds of PPC air bag pulse bag filter products. There are four kinds of bags in each room: 32, 64, 96, 128 bags. The length of the dust bag is 2.45 meters and 3.06 meters. The dust collection power can reach more than 99%. The dust concentration of the purified gas is less than 100mg/m3 (standard). This series of dust collectors are used in ice-cold areas. When the outdoor heating calculation temperature is ≤ -25 °C, heat equipment should be installed.

The PPP gas box pulse bag filter is generally operated under negative pressure, but it can also be operated under positive pressure without structural changes. When the PPC air bag pulse bag filter is used to stop and blow the filter bag, the interval between the sub-chambers, the cleaning cycle is controlled by the program controller, and the time is adjustable.

The ppc type air box pulse bag filter is characterized by:

PPC type air box type pulse bag filter adopts compartmentalization to carry out cleaning, which is called offline cleaning. When a certain room is sprayed and cleaned, the filtered airflow is blocked, and the dust is prevented from flying twice by the spray cleaning. Therefore, the PPC type gas box type pulse bag filter can capture gas with a dust concentration of up to 1000g/m3. This series of products can be widely used in the crushing installation of cement plants, warehouse tops, cooked coolers and mills.

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