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SYP-CT high frequency vibrating fine screen

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brand: SYP-CT high frequency vibrating fine screen
Unit Price: 58000.00yuan/
Start up:
Total supply volume:
period for dispatch: From the date of the buyer's payment 3 Delivery within days
Location: Jiangxi Ganzhou City
Valid until: Long term effectiveness
Last update: 2019-04-17 11:50
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Basic company information
Product Details
 1. The newly developed product is a kind of mineral mesh material used for sieve filtration metal mesh structure, stainless steel welded slit screen, its characteristics, easy to leak, wear and corrosion resistance. The mesh section is trapezoidal, the support strip is made of automatic welding, the screen joint is uniform, the welding quality is stable, the opening ratio is high, the service life is long, and the high strength, rigidity and load bearing capacity are widely used in mine coal, metallurgy, slag, Dry and wet coarse and fine mineral powder screening.
Second, the performance characteristics 1, the bottom speed of the smooth transmission, high reliability, maintenance rate, the long life of the machine, not easy to block, suitable for water wet dry material screening; 2, large screen area, alternating shear strong, through The high rate, the overall life of the screen is long, and a special high-frequency vibrating fine screen designed and manufactured by American advanced technology is adopted. The characteristic is that the micro-vibration source is an imported vibrating motor, and the outer screen frame does not participate in vibration, only the screen has high frequency micro Vibration, low load, high frequency, low noise, adjustable amplitude, less power, high screening efficiency, large processing capacity, good dustproof and waterproof measures, convenient maintenance, suitable for re-election, heavy gold, non-metallic coarse, Fine-grain material grading equipment, especially for the secondary sorting of tailings, the material contains high mud, containing tungsten, cassiterite, antimony, bismuth, lithium non-stone, APT slag and other wet-water dressing shaker tail, second After screening, the grade of the grade is increased by 30%-40%.
Third, the high-frequency vibration bottom strength excitation mechanism can prevent clogging and increase the screening speed of the semi-zone screen, and further prevent the clogging by hitting the total net. The finest choice is ≤300um-3mm, which is suitable for producing a variety of granular products.
Fourth, SYP-CT type high frequency vibrating screen (roller type)
The above parameters are within <5mm, the average particle size is 2mm point 70%, the screening particle size is 0.35mm--50um, the screen is designed according to user requirements, the feed concentration is 25-50%, according to the material and the mesh number, the screen passes The rate is about 70%.
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