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Rock mining instead of shooting guns

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brand: Yugong axe cracking rod
型号: YGF-130
分裂力度: 3800吨
打孔直径: 130
Unit Price: 88500.00yuan/set
Start up: 1 set
Total supply volume: 100 set
period for dispatch: From the date of the buyer's payment 3 Delivery within days
Location: Shanxi Taiyuan
Valid until: Long term effectiveness
Last update: 2019-04-09 14:00
Browse times: 6133
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First, since its establishment in 2000, Sino-German Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been committed to solving various engineering problems that are difficult to solve due to rock breaking, quarrying and difficult problems. After continuous learning and improvement of the introduced technology, our company has developed a foolish axe cracking rod, a fool's axe splitting machine, the components and technical processes of the products are completely different from those produced by other domestic manufacturers. Larger than similar products, the calibrated strength can solve the high hardness rock that can not be broken by the broken hammer and ordinary splitting machine.
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Second, the splitting bar parameters:
The splitting rod has a diameter of 130,
The drilling distance is 3 meters,
The hole spacing is 2-5 meters.
The drilling depth is about 2 meters.
Each operation can be carried out for 15-60 seconds. One main unit can carry 6 splitting rods. It can be used simultaneously with 6 splitting rods. once it can be opened and cracked, it can be 10-20 cubic meters.
Third, the splitting bar mining field:
1. Mining of mine stone: granite, marble, sandstone, limestone, etc.
2. Mining of metal ore, non-metallic ore, coal gangue, jade and jade.
3. Mining of large stones: It can realize the secondary crushing and rupture of a piece of blockage of several thousand cubic meters;
4, the division of large blocks of material: can achieve the breaking of blocks below 1 cubic meter)
5. Tunneling, foundation excavation, urban construction, broken pile heads, cleaning of concrete tankers, leveling the site, etc.
Earth and stone excavation works: roads and bridges, houses, foundations, reinforced concrete demolition and other projects. Excavation works: subways, culverts, mines, underground pipelines, river management and other projects. Smelting and demolition works: various smelting furnaces, kiln, refractory bricks, crushing and dismantling of carbon blocks.
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910784188716228248_Copy four, equipment advantages: First, the Yugong Axe brand hydraulic splitting rod is a Sino-German joint venture, the hydraulic pump station is resistant to high temperature, because we installed a cooling system, the sealing ring is made of German imported seal ring wear-resistant high pressure.
Second, the equipment uses a hydraulic system, similar to the principle of a hydraulic jack, the rock that is ready to split is punched, the hydraulic splitter is placed in the hole, and the hydraulic plunger system of the start switch will use high pressure to break the rock from the inside to the outside. The rock gap is about 3 cm.
Third, the equipment can be equipped with a large number of splitting rods. Multiple splitting rods can split the rock at the same time. The splitting speed is 40-50 seconds.
 Fourth, the cost of splitting machine use, because our equipment is hydraulic system, we should know the equipment, he basically has no cost, our main engine has diesel type, 18 diesel engine, about 100 diesel per day, electric pump Station, there is a 7.5KW motor with a daily electricity cost of about 100
Sino-German Science and Technology ZDKGJIN123456JIN
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