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B7 full hydraulic down-hole drilling rig

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Product Details

B7 full hydraulic down-hole drilling rig

  • product information

                The B7 is an economical and practical drilling rig with reliable performance and low maintenance costs. Suitable for quarries and limestone mines, suitable for aperture range: 90 - 130 mm.

         The rig adopts a hydraulic direct control system, which is extremely easy to operate and maintain, and the number of components is effectively controlled, thereby greatly reducing the failure rate of the equipment and effectively improving the high reliability and maintenance convenience of the equipment. In addition to intuitive hydraulic control, the rig's cab, automatic shifting system and dust collection system provide operators with a safe and comfortable operating environment that increases overall efficiency.


  • Features and features

        Main features:

        · Hydraulic direct control for easy operation and maintenance

        · Simple design and high reliability

        · Stable with Atlas Copco technology

        Reliable performance

        The B7 inherits Atlas Copco's reliable technology and proven DTH drilling methods for reliable performance and high drilling quality. The initial investment cost of the rig is effectively controlled, the fuel consumption is low, and the perforation rate is high, which escorts your economic benefits.

        Excellent operational performance

        The B7's cab provides a safe operating environment for the operator, with a good view of the drilling operation, and all control handles are well laid out and easy to operate. The dust collection system effectively suppresses dust during the drilling process, providing the operator with a clean operating environment and effectively protecting the surrounding environment.

        Maintenance and convenience

        The daily maintenance of the B7 is within reach, and it is extremely convenient to repair and replace. All piping, cables and electrical components are marked with the same number as in the spare parts drawing for easy troubleshooting. The electrical system has a simplified design, so no special training is required and the operator can perform routine operation and maintenance.

  • Technical data


    康明斯  国III排放

    1800 r/min    234 kW
    空压机 Atlas Copco C146 单级螺杆式空压机
    最大工作压力 17 bar
    FAD,排量 225 L/s
    潜孔锤和孔径范围 3”和4”潜孔式冲击器  90-130 mm
    首杆钻孔深度 3.3 m
    回转头 DRU 4
    最大转速 144 r/min
    最大钻孔扭矩 1140 Nm
    最大卸杆扭矩 1640 Nm
    最大推进速度 1.1 m/s
    最大推进力 12 kN
    最大拉拔力 18 kN
    外形尺寸(长x宽x高) 3200x9100x2500 mm
    重量 14000 kg

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