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Tungsten tin silicon special liner

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In the metal beneficiation and non-metal beneficiation industries, many of the characteristics of metal ore and the quality of non-metallic products are different. The beneficiation process and grinding media are important considerations, such as non-ferrous metals like tungsten ore. Tin ore, non-metal like quartz, etc.; due to metallogenic conditions, many tungsten-tin ore are coarse-grained. In the process of beneficiation, the over-grinding phenomenon is the primary consideration. If the product is over-grinded, the recovery rate will decrease. Quartz silicon over-grinding affects the quality of its products. In this type of beneficiation, the beneficiation process and the choice of grinding media play a major role in grinding.
      When a mine is selected to determine the ore properties, determine the beneficiation process and determine the mill selection, considering the importance of the grinding media in the mill to the grinding efficiency, the selection of the grinding media is directly related to the recovery of non-ferrous metals. Rate and rate of non-metallic products.
      When selecting a beneficiation mill for tungsten-tin ore, the conventional method generally considers the rod mill. The advantages of the rod mill can reduce the over-grinding phenomenon compared with the ball mill, and the recovery rate of the product is relatively guaranteed; but the disadvantage is that the rod mill is in production. Steel rods cannot be added at any time during the process. It must be used continuously for at least 5 to 7 days before the steel rods can be stopped. Since it takes several days to load the rods, this will cause the mill to run for a period of time, which will seriously affect the mill. The production process capacity, the second is that, because the steel bar wears into the thin rod in the mill for a period of time, it is easy to bend to form a chaotic rod, a twisted rod, etc., causing the center of gravity to deviate and the current instability during the operation of the mill. Mills and other equipment have a great destructive effect. Third, because steel rods are generally of ordinary materials, the consumption of steel rods is very large in use, which increases the grinding cost to some extent.
      In the quartz silicon industry, the traditional method uses stone milling. The advantage of stone milling is that the yield is relatively high. The disadvantage is that the production capacity is too low. In the current competitive form of the quartz silicon industry, the stone milling process is far. Far from meeting the production efficiency requirements of enterprises, the ball mill replaces stone mill energy saving and consumption reduction has become the mainstream of the industry.
      However, the structural form of the abrasive body (eg, steel ball, liner) in the ball mill plays a major role in the grinding technology requirements. Before the emergence of new products, the quartz silicon industry still chooses ordinary spheres and ordinary corrugated liners as grinding media. Ordinary spheres and corrugated liners are still difficult to achieve the ideal product quality and production capacity of the current quartz silicon products (quartz sand). Requirements; Because the ball's work principle is impact and grinding at the same time, in the process of ball mill operation, due to the physical contact between the ball and the material point and the rotation of the mill, the process is fast grinding and the material is over. The grinding phenomenon causes the yield to drop. Therefore, the current solution is to reduce the ball diameter by increasing the ball diameter to solve the over-grinding problem. As a result, due to too many large balls, the point contact rate when impacting the material decreases, making the ball mill The production capacity is also reduced at the same time, and the ordinary corrugated lining plays a rapid increase in the over-grinding of the product in addition to the protection of the cylinder. Therefore, in the quartz sand industry, improving the product yield and increasing the production capacity are the industry pain points that should be solved. .
       The effective combination of the new special-shaped hole lining plate and the polyhedral steel ball produced by Xinhuang Company solves the two major pain points in the tungsten-tin-silicon industry, which plays a huge role in energy saving and consumption reduction in the tungsten-tin-silicon industry.
       The polyhedral ball produced by Xinhuang Company achieves the purpose of preventing over-grinding by changing the outer shape of the sphere. The polyhedral steel ball has a structure that is in the shape of a face, which reduces the point contact during impact and is mainly caused by surface contact impact. Polyhedral steel balls reduce their own running speed in the mill during operation, and more are crushed and crushed each other, which prevents the over-grinding phenomenon.
       Compared with the ordinary corrugated lining, the special-shaped hole lining plate introduced by Xinhuang Company greatly reduces the probability of friction between the material and the cylinder lining during the running of the mill, thus preventing the over-grinding of the material.

Therefore, in the tungsten-tin-silicon industry, the use of the polyhedral ball of Xinhuang Company in combination with the special-shaped hole liner in the ball mill will greatly improve the over-grinding phenomenon and greatly improve the production efficiency of the mill.


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