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Energy-saving induction melting furnace

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brand: Topo
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Location: Guangdong Zhongshan City
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Last update: 2019-04-23 10:43
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Basic company information
Product Details
Product 11 big advantages:
  1. Security protection
Safe and reliable, the crucible rupture can still be produced continuously for less than 6 hours.
2. Product quality:
Non-contact heating, due to the electromagnetic stirring effect, greatly reduces various impurities of the aluminum liquid, the aluminum water component is more uniform, and there is no crusting phenomenon.
3. Quality burnout:
The aluminum burning loss is less than 0.1%, and the aluminum slag has no gas and no pulverization.
4. Thermal insulation performance:
Good thermal insulation performance, European insulation / British Morgan super strength non-stick aluminum refractory material, one-piece structural tough protective cover, the furnace body can be touched by hand.
5. Power saving loss:
Energy saving, saving more than 30% than ordinary resistance furnace, saving more than 20% than variable resistance furnace, melting fast, power 60KW melting 300KG aluminum water, less than 3 hours
6. Insulation effect
For example, when the power is off for 2-5 days, the user does not need to filter the aluminum liquid, set the temperature to 650 degrees, and the 24-hour insulation power consumption is less than 60 degrees.
7. Temperature control:
The optimal temperature control system design can improve the quality of casting products and control the temperature accurately. It adopts imported non-stick aluminum high temperature resistant casing, which has long durability and small temperature difference.
8. Shabu pot life:
The fuser uses an ultra-strength silicon carbide graphite crucible heating element, which does not cause iron increase, and is easy to replace. The life of the crucible is more than 6 months and the long-term insulation is used for more than one year.
9. Furnace environment:
Sound, current screams, harsh, radioactive and harmful magnetic fields, temperature radiation, perfect protection of workers' health.
10. Quality assurance:
Full digital phase lock, real-time voltage, current, power calculation technology, constant power output, high and low input voltage changes do not affect output power, leakage, aluminum leakage, overflow, power failure and other safety protection.
11. Technical stability:
Dynamic inductance identification technology, built-in fuzzy PID closed-loop control technology, accurate intelligent search for the most efficient operating frequency, induction heating power supply does not heat, high efficiency, continuous trouble-free operation for more than 10,000 hours, failure rate less than 2% within three years, control The cabinet is guaranteed for one year and has a life span of more than 5 years.

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