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Henan mining pipe joint anchor, pipe joint anchor custom professional anchor manufacturer - Zhongxia

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brand: Zhongxiang
外径: φ30、φ33。φ40等
长度(毫米): 1200.1500等
Unit Price: 40.00yuan/piece
Start up: 1000 piece
Total supply volume: 130000 piece
period for dispatch: From the date of the buyer's payment 1 Delivery within days
Location: Henan Zhengzhou City
Valid until: Long term effectiveness
Last update: 2019-04-18 17:33
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Basic company information
Product Details
Pipe joint anchor introduction

The pipe joint anchor is a new type of anchor bolt that fully anchors the rock and actively strengthens the surrounding rock. Its three-dimensional part is a longitudinally slit high-strength steel pipe. When installed in a drill hole slightly smaller than the pipe diameter, it can be immediately Applying radial pressure to the wall of the hole and preventing the sliding force of the surrounding rock in the full length range, plus the supporting force of the bolt tray, so that the surrounding rock is in a three-way state and the rock formation is stabilized. In the case of blasting vibration surrounding rock anchoring, etc., the anchoring force is obviously increased in the later stage. When the surrounding rock is significantly displaced, the anchor does not lose its supporting resistance, and it has better characteristics than the rising shell anchor.

Pipe joint bolt specifications

1. Outer diameter (mm): Φ30, Φ33, Φ40, Φ43 (±0.5);
2, length (mm): 1200, 1500, 1800, 2000, 2500
3. Material: Q235, 16Mn, 20 Mnsi.

Pipe joint anchor characteristics

1. The raw material is made of high-strength alloy strip;
2, the installation is the simplest;
3. No anchoring agent is needed;
4. The friction between the anchor and the rock mass is large;
5, has a high shear and tensile strength;
6, equipped with high-strength tray, the tray is evenly stressed;
7. The height of the roadway is greater than the length of the bolt.

Pipe joint anchor picture

Contact information
Contact: Manager Zhao
Phone: 15638178253
QQ: 1778715065
Headquarters: 14th Floor, Block A, Zhengshang International Plaza, Hanghai East Road, Zhengzhou City
Manufacturer Address 1: Henan-Zhengzhou Longhu Baishu Liu Industrial Park No. 6
Manufacturer Address 2: Linyi Industrial Park, Handan City, Hebei Province
Manufacturer Address 3: Guizhou-Nanming District, Guiyang City, Niulangguan Steel Market
Official website: http://www.uxgzj.com (click for more information)
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