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Shandong supply 15kg light rail, high quality 15kg light rail, 15kg rail track - Zhongxiang

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brand: Zhongxiang
轻轨: 15kg
Unit Price: 3500.00yuan/ton
Start up: 1 ton
Total supply volume: 150 ton
period for dispatch: From the date of the buyer's payment 1 Delivery within days
Location: Henan Zhengzhou City
Valid until: Long term effectiveness
Last update: 2019-04-18 17:23
Browse times: 24
Basic company information
Product Details
Introduction of 15kg light rail The light rail is a rail with a nominal weight of less than or equal to 30kg per meter. The quality requirements of light rails are low, and only the chemical composition, tensile strength, hardness and drop weight test are required.

15kg light rail use 15kg light rail can be used in brick factories, processing plants, coal mines, construction machinery, equipment, etc. It is common in the slides of brick factory carts, transferring the slides of workpiece carts, also suitable for power plants, factories, bearing 1 to 3 Ton.
The light rail is mainly used for laying temporary transportation lines and light locomotive lines in forest areas, mining areas, factories and construction sites.

15kg light rail parameters Model: 15kg light rail
Size (mm)
Track height: 79.37
Bottom width: 79.37
Head width: 42.86
Waist thickness: 8.33
Material: Q235B/55Q (high temperature resistance)
Theoretical weight kg/m: 15.2

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Contact Information Contact: Manager Zhao
Phone: 15638178253
QQ: 1778715065
Headquarters: 14th Floor, Block A, Zhengshang International Plaza, Hanghai East Road, Zhengzhou City
Manufacturer Address 1: Henan-Zhengzhou Longhu Baishu Liu Industrial Park No. 6
Manufacturer Address 2: Linyi Industrial Park, Handan City, Hebei Province
Factory Address 3: 2003A, Building 1, Lane 900, Quyang Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai
Official website: www.zxdg.cn (click for more information)

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