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Safe and efficient splitting and crushing stone for carbon dioxide blasting equipment

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brand: ruilong
型号: 95
型号: 98
型号: 108
Unit Price: 500000.00yuan/set
Start up: 1 set
Total supply volume: 999 set
period for dispatch: From the date of the buyer's payment 3 Delivery within days
Location: Hebei Hengshui
Valid until: Long term effectiveness
Last update: 2019-04-08 17:42
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 Safe and efficient splitting and crushing stone for carbon dioxide blasting equipment

After more than ten years of development and restructuring, Hengshui Ruilong Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is the first professional technology in China that specializes in rock splitting technology services; gas blasting construction; rock splitting machine, down-the-hole drilling rig, large hook machine, large breaker and other machinery. Earth and stone construction enterprises. Hengshui Ruilong is the first unit to propose and realize the use of carbon dioxide blasting. It specializes in stone crushing projects that cannot be used for blasting, tight construction period, technical difficulty and high output. The provider of comprehensive solutions for earth and stone blasting, the domestic rock splitting technology and equipment strength is absolutely leading, focusing on rock splitting technology applications and services. And jointly develop new technologies in the field of carbon dioxide blasting engineering with the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The carbon dioxide blasting we developed uses air pressure to rupture the rock, without vibration and sound, without any harm, safe and efficient splitting and crushing stone, eliminating the construction method using expansion breaker and cutting machine, and obtaining the country. Patent certificate, with static explosion trademark and patented technology, is an innovative product with independent intellectual property rights. It is like simmering tofu, which is ten times faster than the use of cutting machine or expansion agent, and the cost is lower. The world's strongest rock cracking creator, the leader of carbon dioxide blasting technology.

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Carbon dioxide blasting equipment: It is the use of gas expansion pressure to crack open the rock, no vibration and sound, no harm, safe performance, high efficiency splitting and crushing stone, powerful to the whole industry, no manufacturer can surpass, eliminated Construction methods using expansion breakers and wheel saw cutters. It is applied to the stonework crushing project which can not be blasted, the construction period is tight, the technical difficulty is high, and the high output is required. The rock breaking of the mountain is like the tofu, the diameter of the carbon dioxide blasting pipe is 25 cm, the drilling distance is 5 meters, and the row is dug. The machine is hoisted into the rock hole, and it can rupture and crack dozens of cubic meters of stone in one minute. It can easily crush thousands of cubic meters of hard rock every day, and it is powerful enough to achieve large spacing and large crack construction even without volley surface. This is unique in the global blasting industry. More than ten times faster than using a cutter or expansion breaker, and at a lower cost. The site that can't be blasted, the advantage of using carbon dioxide blasting equipment compared with the wheel sawing machine is that it can top ten of its efficiency, mechanized operation, reduce labor intensity, reduce water and electricity costs ten times, noise and pollution improvement, The construction period can reduce various costs in advance, and the advantage of using the expansion and breaking agent is that the diameter of the drilling hole is large, the interval is large, the crack is larger, the effect is better, the crushing solution is easier, and the effect is immediate, no waiting, no repeated work, no Rain and temperature effects, no shot blasting and strong alkaline hazard, no vibration, safety and environmental protection, night construction; more stable and mature than blasting

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Carbon dioxide blasting equipment: Pay special attention to the following matters during construction:
1. Be cautious about the carbon dioxide generator. After the pipe is filled, a certain pressure will be generated in the pipe. When excited, the vent head will release hundreds of times the pressure. The high pressure gas will cause the rupture rupture to fly out. It is strictly prohibited to detonate from the sky. It is forbidden to detonate without a fixed tube.
2, carbon dioxide is heavier than air, should ensure indoor air circulation, it is best to open ventilation holes near the floor.
3, carbon dioxide will form dry ice during the filling process, so that the steel pipe becomes cold, you need to wear gloves to operate.
4. When the detonation fails, the vent hole of the inflation head should be opened first, and the carbon dioxide should be drained, and then the next step is performed. When the carbon dioxide cannot be discharged, the air leakage head or the inflation head cannot be directly removed. It should be operated under the guidance of our professional technicians.
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