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Production of carbon dioxide blasting equipment activator - catalytic converter to achieve easy rock

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brand: ruilong
型号: 95
型号: 98
型号: 108
Unit Price: 400000.00yuan/set
Start up: 1 set
Total supply volume: 999 set
period for dispatch: From the date of the buyer's payment 3 Delivery within days
Location: Hebei Hengshui
Valid until: Long term effectiveness
Last update: 2019-04-08 17:39
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Production of carbon dioxide blasting equipment activator - catalytic converter to achieve easy rock cracking

Since the R&D, production and listing of Ruilong Machinery Carbon Dioxide Blasting Equipment, with the constant changes of the market and the different needs of customers, the Type 73 pipe has been developed into 73, 83 and 95 pipes, and now 95 is the third. The listing of the generation of cracked tubes has played the strongest sound of carbon dioxide mine blasting equipment in the mining industry! ! !

The carbon dioxide blasting is characterized in that it comprises a venting head, a constant pressure bleed sheet, a main pipe and a filling head, and the venting head and the filling head are respectively screwed on both ends of the main pipe, and the charging head is filled to the main pipe. The refilling channel of the cavity and the ejector pin for opening and closing the filling channel have a venting channel on the venting head, one end of the venting channel leads to the filling cavity of the main pipe, and the other end leads to the carbon dioxide blasting, and the venting head vents A constant pressure drain piece is arranged between the passage and the filling chamber of the main pipe, and a heating device is arranged in the filling chamber of the main pipe, and the constant pressure drain piece is filled in the heating device to fill the liquid carbon dioxide heating gas in the main filling chamber. And expand to a certain pressure burst.

1507623603(1) 拷贝The heating device is an electric ignition heating device, which comprises a heating agent tube, a heating

agent and an electric ignition head embedded in the heating agent, and two lead wires are connected to the electric ignition head, and the two lead wires are respectively blasted with carbon dioxide. The power supply is connected to the positive and negative terminals.

The heating device is an electric heating device, and two wires are connected to the electric heating device, and the two wires are respectively electrically connected to the positive and negative electrodes of the power source other than the carbon dioxide explosion.

The cost of carbon dioxide blasting equipment, first of all, we have to budget the cost of drilling, the cost of one metre of our own rig is about 2 yuan a cubic meter at around 15 yuan. Secondly, we come to the budget blasting (cracking rock) cost, the cost of a tube of consumables (activator, used to heat liquid carbon dioxide) plus liquid carbon dioxide is less than 80 yuan, and a cracked rock tube is conservatively estimated to be 20 square meters (of course There are also 40-60 squares, which are budgeted with conservative estimates. The total cost is on the 4 side. once again, we have budgeted for the second decomposition of rock. Rocks with lower hardness are generally decomposed twice with 200 excavators and 165 guns. We budget here with granite (granite is relatively hard rock), 300 -360 excavator plus 175 gun machine decomposed cost budget 2 blocks. Then we will calculate the cost of consumables and labor, and the budget is on three sides. The final synthesis: cost drilling 2 plus blasting (breaking rock) 4 plus secondary decomposition 2 plus artificial wearing parts 3, a total of 11 pieces per side, if a tube out of 40-60 square, the cost will be less 2 3 yuan, the cost of this down is about 9 pieces.

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