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Widely used carbon dioxide blasting equipment has high bursting strength and large mining volume

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brand: ruilong
型号: 95
型号: 98
型号: 108
Unit Price: 500000.00yuan/set
Start up: 1 set
Total supply volume: 999 set
period for dispatch: From the date of the buyer's payment 3 Delivery within days
Location: Hebei Hengshui
Valid until: Long term effectiveness
Last update: 2019-04-08 17:39
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Widely used carbon dioxide blasting equipment has high bursting strength and large mining volume

The carbon dioxide blasting equipment developed by Hengshui Ruilong Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is independently researched and developed by our company and has a number of high-tech products with intellectual property rights. The carbon dioxide blasting equipment is developed by high-tech. The catalyst used is prepared from electrochemical raw materials. It is not easy to burn in the air, is not wrapped, and has high stability. The high-pressure carbon dioxide gas after release is about zero, no open flame, no toxic and harmful gases. Safe and environmentally friendly. It solves many problems such as large destructive, ore splash, vibration and noise pollution in the traditional cracking of the past. 13273301359

The core catalyst of carbon dioxide blasting equipment is independently researched and developed by the company. All products must be finished, the catalyst is much thicker than the similar ones, and the power is strong and strong, which is our advantage. The second is the blasting pipe. Because of repeated use, the pipe is made of special materials. The new process will inevitably bring new effects and bring new experiences to customers.

201701130838502550 拷贝Hengshui Ruilong Service Hotline: 13273301359

Carbon dioxide blasting equipment application industry:

1. Widely used in foreign mines and quarries 2. Civil engineering 3. Rock separation 4. Site cleaning 5. Ditch excavation 6. Agricultural related infrastructure 7. Dressing

Carbon dioxide blasting equipment operating procedures:

1 Drilling holes in the rock

2 Fill the hole with water

3 Place the base of the splitting device into the borehole

4 Cover the protective pad on the base and place the shockwave tube in the base.

5 Then screw the fracturing device and the base together

6 Connect the cracked drawstring

7 Retreat to a safe distance of approximately 7 meters from the cracking device

8 stones are separated and broken

A new cracking technology produced by Ruilong Machinery Co., Ltd., a carbon dioxide cracking device, enters the Xinjiang market. It not only has high bursting strength, but also has a large amount of mining, but also features safety, environmental protection, good stability and small sound. Widely applicable to all kinds of open pit mines, underground tunnels, roadways, municipal works, etc., is your new choice for mining!

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