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Ball mill rubber liner, ball mill wear liner, rubber liner, ball mill liner liner

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brand: Beiye Environmental Protection
橡胶衬板长度: 每根1.5米
橡胶衬板压条: 每根1.5米
端盖衬板: 定制
Unit Price: 19.50yuan/kg
Start up: 1000 kg
Total supply volume: 30000 kg
period for dispatch: From the date of the buyer's payment 7 Delivery within days
Location: Shaanxi Xi'an City
Valid until: Long term effectiveness
Last update: 2019-04-08 11:23
Browse times: 9322
Basic company information
Product Details


Product use: Ball mill rubber liner is mainly used in: ball mill, self-grinding machine, rod mill, grinding machine, overflow ball mill, lattice ball mill, multi-barrel ball mill and other wet ball mill. Widely used in: aerated concrete (Muhe sand, milled coal ash, millstone powder), thermal power plant desulfurization, chemical, alumina, ceramics, metallurgy, iron ore, non-ferrous metal mines, phosphate fertilizer, compound fertilizer. Glass (quartz sand) and other industries.

Product advantage: The rubber lining is used to protect the cylinder. The cylinder is protected from direct impact and friction by the abrasive material and the steel ball. At the same time, different shapes of lifting strips are used to adjust the movement state of the grinding body to enhance the grinding body pair. The pulverization of the material. Helps improve the milling efficiency of the mill, increase production and reduce metal consumption.

Rubber lining compared to manganese steel lining:

1. It is more wear-resistant and durable than manganese steel lining, and has a longer service life, 1.5 times that of manganese steel lining.

2. Lighter than manganese steel liner, accounting for only 20% of the weight of manganese steel liner. The motor load is low during operation, which can save 25%. When working, the ball mill runs smoothly and the vibration is reduced, which can reduce the wear of the ball mill and prolong the service life of the ball mill.

3. The noise will be 50% lower during work, optimizing the working environment.

4. Easy to install, ordinary workshop workers can install and overhaul. The installation time of the rubber lining only accounts for 50% of the installation time of the manganese steel lining, thus shortening the downtime.

5. During the installation process, it can avoid the safety hazard caused by the accidental slippage of the lining.

Basic model determination

Basic model:


Ball mill diameter


Ball mill length


Cylinder liner number


Liner number at both ends


Liner weight


4.5 meters


12 equal parts

8equal parts

1700 kg




12 equal parts

8equal parts

2700 kg




15equal parts

8equal parts

2850 kg




18equal parts

12equal parts

3850 kg




20equal parts

12equal parts

4000 kg




20equal parts

14equal parts

4950 kg




22equal parts

14equal parts

5200 kg




24equal parts

14equal parts

5750 kg




32equal parts

16equal parts

5800 kg




35equal parts

16equal parts

6600 kg




Model determination:

1. The diameter of the ball mill refers to the effective inner diameter of the barrel of the ball mill when the liner is not installed.

2. The length of the ball mill refers to the length of the barrel of the ball mill.

3. The number of cylinder liners refers to the number of screws on the circumference of the barrel of the ball mill.

4. The number of lining parts at both ends refers to the number of circumference screws of the feed end and the discharge end of the ball mill.

5. Liner weight means: refers to the weight of a complete set of ball mill rubber lining.

6. The above models are regular models, special models can be customized, and the weight of the lining is based on the actual weight.
         Analysis of the cost performance of ball mill manganese steel liner and rubber liner


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