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    硅灰石 ( Wollastonite ) Ca3[Si3O9]
    硅灰石常有类质同象混入物Fe ,Mn, Mg等。硅灰石、硅灰石是硅灰石的异种。三斜晶系,片状、放射状或纤维状集合体。白色微带灰和浅红色、少数肉红色。玻璃光泽、解理面珍珠光泽。硬度4.5-5.5,比重2.75-3.10。是典型 变质矿物,常出现在酸性岩浆岩与碳酸盐岩接触带,是高温反应产物。常与石榴石、透辉石等共生。可制作白色、坚固和纤维长的“石绒”。

    Wollastonite Ca3[Si3O9]
  Wollastonite always bears Fe, Mn and Mg etc. Fe-wollastonite and Li-wollastonite is different variety. Triclinic system. Tabular crystal, and as lamellar, radiated or fibrous aggregates. White with grayish and light red in color, minor ones is flesh-pink. Vitreous luster,with pearly luster on cleavage face. H4.5-5.5, p2.75-3.10 g/cm3. Typical metamorphic mineral, occurs in acid magmatic rock or contactic zone of carbonates, hydrothermal reaction in origin. Always as intergrowth with garnet and diopside. It can be made into white, hard and fibrous “stone floss”.

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