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Technical modification of ethylene glycol condensate return water pipeline

Release date:2018-04-24  source:中国选矿技术网  Browse times:1806
   After the Xinxiang ethylene glycol plant was built, Lanzhou Design Institute did not design the condensate (DN400 pipeline) from ethylene glycol. It was only designed to the 93 axis of the thermal power zone pipe gallery. Adding a blind plate at the end of the pipe is no longer Designed, and the condensate recovery technical reform was not carried out at that time. If this part of the condensate is not recovered, a large amount of condensate will be discharged on the ground during the test and purge of ethylene glycol, which will cause a large amount of condensate to be discharged at about 160t/h. The waste of resources leads to long-term high-load fatigue operation of desalinated water, and the on-site environment is extremely bad.

Therefore, it is necessary to recover the glycol (DN400) condensate, and design the pipeline, and consider the thermal stress of the pipeline. The condensate from the 93-axis ethylene glycol is led to the three deaerators of the thermoelectric device, and the DN200 discharge port is added to the 67-axis of the pipe gallery. When the thermoelectric load is low and the condensate cannot be completely recovered, it is discharged to the circulation. The pool is neutralized and recycled to recycle water. In the initial stage of driving, the condensate pipeline and the glycol vapor system are dirty. In order to prevent the dirty steam condensate from affecting the boiler steam quality, the condensate increases the sewage discharge and is connected to the hot water deaerator drain. If the condensate is unqualified, at any time. Switching to blowdown is no longer recycling.

After the completion of the technical transformation, the recovery of ethylene glycol condensate can be realized, and the condensate can be recovered for millions of yuan per year. The economic and social benefits are considerable.


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