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What are the methods for measuring macropore distribution?

Release date:2018-04-26  source:粉体网  Browse times:1835
       The macropores referred to herein refer to pores having a pore diameter of a few micrometers to several tens of micrometers, and the mercury intrusion measurement under a negative pressure can also be measured on the order of micrometers, but is not practical. First, the error is large, the second is poor environmental protection conditions, and the third is that the mercury intrusion method is not completely through-holes, but also includes blind holes.

At present, most of the materials required to measure large holes are various types of filters, oil drilling cores or soil clods. It is required to measure the pore size of the through holes. The blind holes are meaningless, so it is not desirable to measure them. Measurement methods for measuring such through-holes have been studied many times: bubble method, liquid-liquid method, centrifugation method, sedimentation balance method, conductance method, anti-diffusion method, etc. (for details, see: Hu Rongze et al., "Powder Particles and Measurement of Pores" book).


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