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Silica analysis in tungsten ore

Release date:2018-04-27  source:中南选矿网  Browse times:1920
      The content of silica in tungsten ore is as high as 90% or more, and the content of silica in tungsten concentrate is also above 10%. Therefore, it is often measured by the gravimetric method. It is difficult to decompose completely by decomposing the sample with acid. At the same time, when separating tungsten with ammonia water, a small amount of silicon (0.3 to 0.5 mg) can be dissolved to lower the result. The alkali fusion can completely decompose the sample, evaporate with hydrochloric acid, and the animal glue agglomerates the weight method, and the obtained solution is suitable for system analysis. In the exact analysis, the silica in the filtrate was determined by colorimetry and combined. When silicon is separately measured, it can be melted with potassium pyrosulfate, and the oxalic acid is used to separate tungsten, which is then subjected to a hydrofluoric acid treatment by a subtractive weight method.

1. Oxalic acid separation weight method

Second, animal glue condensation weight method

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