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Determination of single rare earth in mixed rare earth

Release date:2018-04-28  source:中南选矿网  Browse times:1647
       Since the use of different rare earth elements varies greatly, the demand varies greatly, and the price of separating a single rare earth is also very different. Therefore, in evaluating the mining value of a mine, it is necessary to understand the content of each rare earth element in the mixed rare earth, that is, the distribution of the rare earth. Therefore, to determine the content of each rare earth in the mixed rare earth, only the spectral analysis method can be used to accomplish this task. . The direct spectrometric determination of rare earth elements generally satisfies the requirements of three rare earths for the purity analysis of single rare earths. The control spectrum analysis can be used to achieve four nine analysis requirements. For five nine requirements, chemical treatment and separation of impurities are required. Currently used more ICP and x-ray fluorescence spectroscopy.

(1) ICP method (inductively coupled plasma emission spectroscopy). This method is one of the more advanced methods. It is a rare earth element that is excited into an ion in an inductively coupled plasma under a high temperature hydrogen atmosphere. Multiple lines. Using the characteristic sensitive lines of the rare earth elements that do not coincide with each other as the measurement line, it is determined that the intensity of the line is compared with the line of the known standard, and each rare earth element can be quantitatively analyzed. The ICP method has high sensitivity and can reach ppm level, and the linear range of the working curve is wide, and the accuracy is also high. Table 1.26 gives the wavelengths and detection limits for typical emission spectra of each rare earth element.

(2) X-ray fluorescence spectrometry. This method uses a characteristic x-ray spectrum of a rare earth atom to determine the content of each rare earth. The rare earth element does not generate K line under the voltage excitation of 6okV, so the L line can be used. Therefore, the content of the rare earth element can be determined according to the strength of different rare earth I. lines; however, the L lines of each rare earth element are similar to each other. The absorption ends of adjacent elements with small atomic numbers overlap again. Therefore, correction is needed.

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