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Determination of metal ruthenium in rare earth silicate

Release date:2018-04-28  source:中南选矿网  Browse times:1760
      When studying the rare earth silicate formed by metal lanthanum and rare earth oxides, it is necessary to consider the influence of unreacted metal ruthenium, so the content of ruthenium metal needs to be determined. The following two methods of metal ruthenium are based on the principle that when V(V) salt is used as the oxidant, the sample is decomposed with H2SO4-HF, and then the excess V(V) salt is titrated with the ferrous standard solution, and the Fe3+ salt is used as the oxidant. At the time, the sample was decomposed with HCl, and then Fe2+ formed by the reaction was titrated with a K2Cr2O7 standard solution. Both methods are indirectly calculating the content of metal ruthenium. The analytical procedures for the two metal ruthenium determination methods are as follows: (1) V(V) salt method. The sample was placed in a platinum crucible, 2.00 mLc (NH4VO3) = 0.05 mol/L (addition amount should be determined depending on the content of hydrazine), 6 mL of H2SO4, 6 mL of water and 4 mL of HF, mixed, and decomposed by heating on a small bath. After cooling, transfer the solution to a conical flask, add 30 mL of saturated H3BO3 solution and 25 mL of H2SO4 (1+2), add 5 mL of H3PO4 (1+1) and 2 drops of 5 g/L sodium diphenylamine sulfonate solution, using about c ( The (NH4)2Fe(SO4)2)=0.05 mol/L standard solution was titrated until the lavender disappeared. A blank test was also performed. (2) Fe3+ salt method. The sample was placed in an Erlenmeyer flask, and 1 g of Na2CO3, 5.00 mL of 4 g/LFe2 (SO4)3 solution and 30 mL of HCl were added, mixed, covered with a Gai's funnel, and the air was sealed with a saturated NaHCO3 solution, and the sample was boiled and rapidly cooled. Add 10 mL of H3PO4 (1+1), 2 drops of 5 g/L sodium diphenylamine sulfonate solution, and titrate Fe2+ with k2Cr2O7 standard solution.

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