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Pressure self-rescue system installation requirements

Release date:2018-04-28  source:中国煤矿安全网  Browse times:319
      1. The self-rescue system of pressure air is installed on the compressed air pipeline in the roadway of the roadway and the roadway of the mining face. The installation site should be on the sidewalk with spacious, well-supported and no debris piles. The width of the sidewalk should be kept above 0.8m. The installation height of the pipeline should be 0.5m away from the bottom plate, which is convenient for on-site personnel to self-rescue applications. There shall be no gutters without cover or incomplete cover under the pressure self-rescue system.

2. The coal roadway driving face starts from the air inlet of the excavation face, and a set of pressure self-rescue devices are set at a distance of 25-40m from the head. The number of the self-rescue devices should be 2 more than the number of workers in the area, and then a set of pressure is set every 50m. Self-rescue devices, the number of each group is 5-8 (the installation diagram is shown in Figure 1); the rock tunnel heading face is installed 100-130m from the head to install a group of self-rescue devices, the number of which should be 2 more than the number of staff in the area. A set of pressure self-rescue devices are installed at every 100m head-to-head and at the evacuation site, and the number of each group is 5-8.

3. The return airway of the working face shall be provided with a self-rescue device within 25-40m away from the safety exit on the return airway of the mining face. The number of the self-rescue device shall be 2 more than the number of staff in the area. Install a set of self-rescue devices for pressure air, the number of which is 5-8; a set of pressure self-rescue devices in the air inlet lane within 50-100m from the safety exit below the mining face, the number of which should be more than the number of staff in the area 2 sets; a set of pressure self-rescue devices are set in the position of the reversing damper outside the damper of the working face, and the number is 5-8.

4. The pipeline should be laid firmly and straight, the compressed air pipeline should be hung and fixed once every 3m, the rock tunnel section should be fixed by metal support and clamp, and the coal lane section should be hung by steel wire rope. The branch pipe of the pressure self-rescue system is not fixed at one place, and the valve wrench of the pressure self-rescue system should be in the same direction and parallel to the roadway.

5. Install the water collecting device in the main air supply line. At the point where the gas supply line enters the connection with the self-rescue system, a switch is added, followed by the installation of the steam separator.

6, the air compressor should be set on the ground, its gas supply should be able to ensure the use of underground personnel, and can be started within 10min; deep multi-level mining of the mine, air compressor installed on the ground is difficult to ensure effective supply of air to the downhole operating point When installed, it can be installed in a safe and reliable position at the bottom of the inlet shaft of the two levels above the air supply level, but the vane air compressor should not be used.

7. The pressure self-rescue system valve should be installed completely to ensure the normal use of the system. A total valve shall be provided

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