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I understand the coal quality analysis and coal terminology. If you want to engage in coal, you must

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      In many fields of coal exploration, mining, transportation and trade, industrial analysis of coal, elemental analysis and measurement data of other coal quality analysis projects have a wide range of uses.

In order to unify standards and ease of use, the current national standards in China stipulate terms, definitions, benchmarks and symbols related to coal quality and coal analysis.

In order to enable everyone to quickly check the information when reading the information, as soon as possible to understand the meaning of the symbol, the various symbols and their names and meanings are summarized as follows:

I. Partial coal quality and process properties analysis project name, symbol and meaning

2. Commonly used benchmarks in coal quality analysis (representing the results of the analysis based on the coal sample)


1 The results directly measured by the laboratory are generally air-drying results, which can be converted to other standards as needed.

2 There are strict regulations on various benchmark samples, such as air drying base regulations: in the case of coal preparation, if the quality of coal samples does not exceed 0.1% after continuous drying at room temperature for 1 hour, air drying is achieved. status.

3 In order to distinguish the results of coal quality analysis by different bases, the benchmark is used in the lower right corner of the relevant symbols, such as Ad (dry basis ash), Mar (received base moisture).

4 The above reference (referred to as "base") is expressed by the initial letter of each English noun: air drying base abbreviated as ad; dry ash-free basis dry ash free basis number is daf; dry mineral-free basis dry mineral matter Free basis is abbreviated as dmmf.

Third, the subdivision symbol of the project


In order to distinguish the results of coal quality analysis, the subscript symbol of the item is divided into the lower right corner of the corresponding coal quality analysis result symbol, and then the reference symbol is placed, separated by a comma. Such as Qgr, v, ad (air dry basis constant volume high heat), Qnet, p, ar (received base constant pressure low heat), Minh, ar (received base water).

Fourth, the relationship between different benchmarks

V. Conversion formula for different benchmarks


1Mad—air drying base moisture; Mar—receiving base water; Aad—air drying base ash; Aar—receiving base ash; Ad—dry base ash; MMad—air drying base mineral; MMar—receiving base mineral; MMd - dry base minerals.

2 required base = known base × (required base and known base intersection score). For example, it is known to receive the base volatiles Var, and to obtain the dry radical volatiles Vd, the formula is Vd=Var×100/(100-Mad); the air drying base high calorific value Qgr, ad is known, and the dry ashless base is obtained. High calorific value Qgr, daf, the formula is Qgr, daf=Qgr, ad×100/(100-Mad-Aad).


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